Here’s Why You Should Switch to Sofy Sanitary Products for Your Period Needs!

If you want to switch to a better brand for both your period day and non-period day needs then Sofy is that one brand you must reach out to. The Sofy sanitary products are wide in range and their variant that you will surely find your perfect variant which meets your hygiene needs. Continue reading.


When it comes to maintaining good hygiene during periods, menstrual products play an important role in making it happen. The quality of the products that you use has a lot to do with how you feel down there during periods. A poor-quality menstrual product will surely aggravate your concerns be it leakage during heavy flow, menstrual odour, rashes on the skin or other irritation and so on. Therefore, do not just get your hands on any random product but always do some research about the brand and its products before making your pick. You should keep trying different brands and their variants till you find something that meets your period needs and makes you feel comfortable.


Talking about menstrual product brands, Sofy is one of them which has successfully catered to some of the best quality products over the last few years. It has been the most reached out brands by a majority of women today in the market. The Sofy sanitary products are wide in variety and offer the best comfort during periods. Not only period day products but they also specialize in non-period day products such as panty liners. Therefore, you can totally rely on Sofy for maintaining good vaginal health not only during periods but all through the month.


Here is a detailed description of the best Sofy products -


Sofy Tampons

Tampons are one of the most underrated menstrual products which are not the first choice for many women and they would prefer sanitary pads instead. But, if you are someone who has been using them for a while or want to start using them then you can always pick the tampons introduced by Sofy. Sofy has two variants of tampons - Regular and Super. As the name suggests, the regular variant has to be used when you have a light flow and the super is for your heavy flow days. Both these variants come with good absorption hours which will last you for three to four hours but you can always change them before as well. Besides, you will get an easy to use applicator with both these variants for a smoother and fuss free insertion.


Sofy Panty Liners

As discussed above, panty liners are a non-period day product which means you should use them when you are not menstruating. The main job of panty liners is to provide protection from vaginal discharge by soaking them up. This way, they help you stay dry and also save your favourite undies from getting soiled. The panty liners by Sofy come in two different variants - Antibacteria and Daily fresh. Use the antibacterial one if you are prone to catching infections and the daily fresh for just protection from wetness. Both these variants come with a subtle fragrance in them which will also eliminate the vaginal odour.


Sofy Antibacterial Sanitary Pads

For those of you who are prone to catching germs or infections during periods, these napkins are for you. They are created with a special green sheet on top which is made of natural ingredients and give 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Candida Albicans and Staphylococcus Aureus. Besides, you can totally count on them for giving you a long lasting hygiene through the day even during heavy flow. All you have to do is to keep changing into fresh napkins as often as you need. They also come with a subtle perfume tree fragrance in them which further keeps you protected from menstrual odour.


Sofy Bodyfit Overnight Pads

Sleepless nights during periods are a common occurrence in a majority of women as nobody wants to wake up to a stained bed or clothes and therefore tries to stay put to avoid staining or leakage. But, with this special range of bodyfit overnight pads by Sofy, you can have an uninterrupted sleep all through the night without having to worry about leakage. They are created with such unique qualities which make the napkin to give you a heavy coverage around your thighs and it also moves along with your body as you toss and turn in sleep. Therefore, you can have a sound sleep while you menstruate.