How to Strengthen Current Affairs Preparation For Competitive Exams?



The books, material and website offered by author will help you in strengthening your General Knowledge section. Here, you will get all the necessary information about the current affairs and also be able to prepare for the upcoming competitive exams like Banking PO and Clerk or Railway Group D and Assistant posts. You can subscribe to the blog and get notified for daily updates, blog posts and news related to these competitive exams. So, when you are appearing for competitive exams or when anyone intends to appear in competitive exams, they require a strong grip over the section of current affairs.


The current affairs section in these competitive exams is usually asked from newspapers and magazines. Well, being well versed in the latest current affairs section is very important. Nowadays, in most of the competitive exams, there is a General Knowledge and Current Affairs section. It is required for each aspirant to be updated about all the latest happenings across the globe. Even in Government exams like Banking, Railways, or SSC  there is a General Knowledge section involved in the exam. The Current Affairs section mainly tests the candidate's ability in General Knowledge and current events. Apart from exams, each one of us should know about what is happening across the globe. To make the preparation easier, we have tried to make this book as concise as possible. All important topics are covered in this book. Each year, the level of stress on students increases manifold while preparing for competitive exams.


There is a lot at stake and this makes it very difficult for almost every one of us to focus on preparations. The Current Affairs section mainly tests the candidate’s ability in General Knowledge and current issues. In spite of being a general section, most candidates need to put in a considerable amount of efforts in making the best use of this section. A thorough knowledge of current affairs and events is crucial to success in competitive examinations. However, candidates often find it hard to expand their general knowledge base or prepare for the section in a planned manner. In this book, the author broadly covers the entire gamut of topics that are apt for this section and provides detailed elaborations on each one of them. Often, practice makes a man perfect!  In the last chapter, after reading about the top 10 most recent developments in various fields, students can test their understanding and knowledge by answering a set of challenging questions on Current Affairs.


There are a lot of ways to stay updated about General Knowledge and Current Affairs. It requires constant preparation and memorization of the events. In every exam, the GK section includes questions from events happened at least 6 months past from now. 25% of every competitive exam question paper includes GK and current affairs. Since it has less number of questions, students tend to take the subject lightly and fail to answer them. In order to ease out your preparation for the Current Affairs section, follow some of the expert’s tips and tricks.


Current Affairs Preparation – How to Prepare for Current Affairs & General Knowledge?

By following these important tips you can crack any type of question asked under the Current Affairs section.


  • Read newspapers and magazines regularly to stay updated about all the latest issues and events.
  • Watch the news to know about today’s current affairs across the globe.
  • Take up the Current Affairs Quiz to know which type of questions can be asked and the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Know the topics included in the Current Affairs section of the exam you are preparing for.
  • Ensure to go through the Exam Pattern and Syllabus of the Exam thoroughly.
  • Read old History books for remembering History events and improve your GK.
  • Maintain notes for noting down important terms and points. These notes will be helpful during last-minute preparation.
  • Refer to some of the recommended GK Books to understand each topic in a better way. Some of the most common Books referred are Lucent GK and Competitive Success Review.
  • You can also take up guidance from Experts to crack the GK Section easily.
  • Try to begin well in advance for any exam preparation. Do not read any topic during the last few days left for the exam.
  • Practice previous year papers of the respective examination you are appearing for to know which type of questions are being asked in the exam.

Current Affairs Preparation – Topics Included in GK & Current Affairs:


Current Affairs are one of the most significant aspects in all kinds of competitive exams. There are questions in this section which are based on the news updates in different channels. It is necessary for the aspirants to do some extra effort in this section. It will help them in getting good marks in the exam. Also, NCERT books are considered to be very useful for this purpose. But there are other alternatives too, like magazines, newspapers etc. The aspirants should make use of every opportunity to reinforce their preparation for this section to get well-prepared for government exams. Over the past few years, many of us have taken several competitive examinations.


The common topic in the General Knowledge section is current affairs. It includes national and international events, awards and honours, famous personalities, sports facilities around the world, information about the facilities like hospitals or transport system etc. Some of the common topics included in the General Knowledge section are Current Affairs, Geography, History, Economy, General Science, Dates and Events, Sports, Static GK, Polity, Awards and Honours, Famous Personalities. In order to crack this section easily, one must constantly read the latest news regularly. The GK section holds a great deal of importance in almost all the competitive examinations conducted throughout the year.


Students need to devote quality time for Current Affairs preparations to ensure that they can score full marks in this section. To help students strengthen their Current Affairs preparations, we bring to you a set of proven tips and tricks to follow during your preparation. This will ensure full marks in the GK section and an overall examination score. The best way to strengthen preparation for the GK section is to supplement general reading with specialized sources. If general improvement can be seen, then strengthening will become easier. Prepare notes on GK topics that are likely to come in the exam every day after you finish your subjects. Do flash cards or practice sets that are available online.


You should read extensively about topics that are difficult to you. Reading newspapers does bring a lot of information, but how do you gather what’s important from the numerous articles present? Various current affairs eBooks address this issue giving clear and concise material to revise from. However, it is important to weed out the unnecessary stuff from the material. Unoreads Online Learning Platforms strives to provide you the best Online Learning Environment to enrich and develop your interest in Current Affairs. This self-paced course empowers your learning skills through constant practice and regular examinations along with study material covering Current Affairs from 2011-2018 which will help you to prepare for any competitive exams.


This Unoreads Online Learning Platform is a perfect platform that has several strategically crafted study material and study notes in various disciplines!! The content here is well-structured, organized and presented in a simple, reader-friendly format. It will be an added advantage for you if you wish to score well in various competitive exams.