The Guide to Converting PSD to WordPress Using Bootstrap: 7 easy Steps


People are adapting to online business, more and more people are launching their websites for business. There are many ways to create functional sites by reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. One of the efficient methods is Psd to WordPress conversion. You can simply convert a PSD to WordPress if you take PSD to WordPress conversion services.


Know the Thing About PSD:


PSD is an extension that is utilized by photoshop files while storing graphical data. Photoshop is ideal for creating website designs. After creation, the output is saved. PSD files. Any knowledgeable developer can use the PSD file to the WordPress theme. They need to adopt the proper approach in making pixel-perfect and high-quality WordPress themes. Bootstrap is used in making front-end developments by the developers.


Reasons to choose PSD to WordPress conversion: It is a well-known content management system used for the development of a variety of websites. With it, anyone can make an enterprise website, eCommerce platform, or any other blogging website. It offers a lot of benefits which makes it a suitable choice in website development. This is because it offers affordable development, SEO friendliness, a huge number of themes and plugins, etc.


A few steps for converting PSD to WordPress:


There are many steps that one should follow in the creation of WordPress for a PSD file.


Analyzing Photoshop Documents:


The most important step in analyzing PSD files is to understand the challenges that you will face when converting PSD to a WordPress theme. You must do proper scanning of PSDs to develop a better understanding of how you will create the theme. It is necessary to define every step clearly when you are creating a theme. When all is done start slicing the files.


PSD File Slicing: 


In this procedure, you have to slice the PSD files. Photoshop files will be divided and chopped into various image files and layers. It is the main step in programming the complete design using images only is a hard task.to simplify you can perform design slicing in the way – chop between the header and the separator. Chop background and other elements. 


Cut the footers. After cutting the whole design into separate segments. When you are slicing then you must be careful. Using PSD to HTML conversion services and CSS in use you can create a gradient background, buttons, etc. this eliminates the need to make separate image files for all elements.


Download and Unzip Bootstrap: 


after slicing PSD files into a different image and making it ready visit the bootstrap site and get the latest one. Once the download got completed save bootstrap in the folder. You can use Twitter bootstrap with front-end development work in making a highly responsive site.


Code the Design: 


you are required to code your design into HTML, CSS, and other languages. You can take the help of PSD to HTML conversion services. You can also create index.html and style.css these are the important part of the site. It is better to use html5 in creating varied elements. You can initiate bootstrap within the head section


WordPress Integration: 


The step involves the integration of an HTML template into WordPress CM. for this purpose you need to create file index.php and style.css. These steps should be performed in a proper way to generate a good output. You can also appoint a WordPress developer for your purpose.




After the completion of the theme, you must test it thoroughly. Checked whether all themes made of WordPress are performing well. You must ensure that your theme is working perfectly across different browsers. Testing the theme properly can save your site from a further problem.

Functionalities Addition: 


If the theme carefully passes all tests then your theme is ready to get launched. You may need additional features in your requirements. Later you can add these in building an effective solution. After finishing WordPress is good to go.




The whole process of PSD to WordPress is not tiring if you know of web technologies and WordPress. If you follow the right process then you will not face any challenges. However, you can encounter difficulty if you do not have prior coding experience. For that purpose, you can take PSD to WordPress conversion services and can convert your website thing to a unique one.


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