Step Up and Get Her Back After a Breakup

How to step up and get her after a breakup? Is there any magic formula or a steping board? If you are searching for external reasons to get over your breakup you might fail for sure as the breakup happened internally in both your hearts breaking it into million little pieces. The only possible step you can take is internal. You have to search your soul first as to why this breakup happened in the first place. Analyze the reasons and find who started it all honestly. Don’t be judgmental just stand in between and try to find out the real reason.
When you search online millions of tips and tricks and thousands of pages can open up to help you through your breakup. But ultimately it is you who has to decide what steps to take and when to approach. Breakups are more about emotions and it is very sensitive for both. So, extra care should be taken as to see that, whatever steps you take must not in any way hurt her more emotionally. A slight trigger can destroy the already broken relationship forever. Whatever you plan to do first analyze the pros and cons and then carry out. Trying to impress her or showing off your self pity will not work.
Making useless steps to catch her attention or begging to get her back is not the right way of approach. You have your self esteem remember that and play safe. Don’t try to show off too much enthusiasm in getting back. Try to play cool and stay away from her side and allow her to wonder where you are. Give her time to start missing you just like you do. When the stage is all set and when she needs you its time to enter and then impress her with all your might. Overall taking the right attitude and choosing the right action is the magic formula.
Many might plan a great get back but might approach at the wrong time. Or at the right time they might goof up and end up like standup comedians. Don’t bounce on her the moment the breakup happens try to stay cool and off her vicinity for some time and then start planning.  So be very careful and try with all your might but always remember that slow and steady wins the race.

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