I told myself, and others, to not talk about this issue anymore but I've been seeing A LOT of inaccurate translations spreading around. Translations that make it look like Zico (and Block B) are cold-hearted devils. Some people are even going to the extent of spreading things like "Did you know Cho PD, Block B's mentor, dissed GD? Cho PD is mentoring them, that's why they're like that." which, by the way, is more rude and disgusting than what others are spreading about Zico. 


I am not here to defend Block B. I am not here to side with 2PM. I would just like to share what Zico said in the interview that's been causing this drama in everyone's tlist.


On Jan 30, RYT9 uploaded a video of Block B's interview in Thailand. There's a part there were the interviewer asked if Block B knew about the flood that affected Thailand greatly.


[Actual translation]

The interviewer asked if they knew about the floods so the members acted surprised.


Zico said, “Of course we know. We were only pretending we didn’t… it’s just for reactions.” 


He continued, “A lot of families must have been affected by the floods. We hope they emotionally recover through our financial aid… because all we have is money.”


Another member asked, “How much do you have now?”


Zico replied, “7000 won.”

(cr: taenacity on tumblr, various sources on Twitter)


Zico DID NOT say "“Thai people need money to heal their hearts but we don’t have any money” or "Money will cure Thai people's hearts" "7000 won is enough for the victims of the flood" etc etc. IMO, if you watch the video, what made this offensive was that it seemed that they were treating the flood (the donations, victims, etc) as a joke. P.O. is also being criticized because he was doing some funny poses (that people can see as disrespectful) during the interview. The flood is a sensitive topic since it caused a lot of pain, it's not something to joke or be playful about.

Korean fans (BBCs and non-BBCs) have been discussing about this way before the 2PM boys tweeted about it (the interview is a bit old) so there's no need to say that BBCs are being blind about what happened. We fully accept the fact that Block B made a mistake and that they should at least, apologize. There is no need for any fandom to keep on saying hurtful things about us BBCs or Block B. Or even Cho PD, for that matter.


In behalf of every BBC, I apologize if some fans said hurtful things towards 2PM and Hottests. This doesn't constitute as an official apology from Block B but we would really appreciate it if people would stop discussing about this issue, spreading those inaccurate translations, and bashing Block B. This is the first and last time this fanbase will talk about this.

I am not defending anyone by saying this nor am I judging anyone. - PANDAnim

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