Some Simple Ways for Treatment of an Upset Stomach

An upset stomach have often simple lifestyle causes. Here are some advices that might help you, regarding lifestyle and home treatment.


Effective advises for upset Stomach depends on what you mean by upset stomach, but these advises might help if you have symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation and cramps:

Blend 1–2 tablespoons linen seed and 1 tablespoon bran in a glass of water or juice. Let it stand a couple of hours so that the blending gets slimy. Then drink it.
You can use this 1–3 times each day.

If you do not drink coffee already, up to 3 cups of coffee might vitalize the stomach and help, but exaggeration of coffee consume can give the opposite effect. Therefore, if you drink a lot of coffee each day, you should reduce your consume.

Some daily exercises, where you engage all your body muscles will be good for your stomach. By pregnancy or other bodily conditions, you must of course take the situation in consideration any time when you are training.

But also sitting down half an hour each day and relax both physically and mentally can be of help. Meditation or listening to some relaxing music can have good effect during this time.

Eat full corn bread and full corn cereals. Also eat enough vegetables and fruit each day. Bananas are often good for the stomach.

Having enough, but not exaggerated amount of fat in your daily diet is also imprtant. The fat you consume should mainly be from a variety of natural sources or natural oils, and not processed oils or fats.

A session of an acupuncture-like simple therapy called foot-zone therapy will often vitalize the stomach. It consists mainly of pressing at points at each foot with the fingers, especially at points that hurt a little. There are special points for the stomach organs that you should linger with some time, or you can of course also go over all on each foot sole.


By Knut Holt

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