Planning a Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is an event that can be shared with friends and family whether you're staying in to celebrate at home or going to a bonfire event with friends.


Hosting a firework show:


First, decide how many visitors you welcome, so you can start preparing for whom you need to cater. Enable the children to help make biscuits and decorate them beautifully with sweets and colours. Ask friends and family to each carry a different kind of food so it cuts down on costs on things to do.


Buy a range of fireworks, some shops are selling pack with a good variety of different ones in like Catherine wheels and poppers. Remember to buy sparklers to help the kids make your own or buy toffee apples and lolly pops and toffee bits for the bonfire.


Set the display far enough back to prevent any children from crossing the boundaries, so that no one is in the way of harm, put a rope or barrier across. Provide outside seating for people to sit around and watch the show.


If possible, leave about 30 sections between each firework, a show should be around 15 minutes at home so it isn't too short or too long and won't cost too much to put on.


A bonfire event to attend:


If you haven't bought pre-purchased tickets ensure you can buy them at the door to stop any fraud. Go early to get a good seat around the bonfire and keep warm and you'll be able to see the performance without people standing before you.


Carry a light jacket and an umbrella as the weather forever changes. A picnic blanket is a great idea to take in the event that no seats are left.


Keep on healthy-and have fun!


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