Sofy Overnight Pads and How Do They Help With A Peaceful Sleep

Get your hands on the Sofy overnight pads in the bodyfit range if your existing napkin does not give you much protection in the night and ends up in leakage or staining. Read on to know more.


Menstruation is never easy to deal with. Especially for women who get heavy flow every month and yet need to go out for college or work. Mothers with toddlers also need a lot of strength to get through those difficult days while taking care of a child. Not only heavy flow but menstruation also comes with severe cramps, soreness in the breasts and different parts of the body, headache, nausea, mood swings and so on. Apart from these, sleep deprivation is something that is common in every woman during periods. Therefore, the quality of the menstrual products that you choose has to be the best in order to eliminate some of the period problems.


The Sofy overnight pads in the bodyfit range should be your top pick to help you deal with sleep deprivation during periods. Over the last few years, Sofy has been the go-to brand for many women and this particular overnight range is one of the top picked. It has been specially created to give you a peaceful sleep every night without having to worry about leakage or staining. The special features in this range promises a sound sleep even as you have a heavy flow.


Features of the Sofy pads in the overnight bodyfit range -


  • Wider Hip Guard - Unlike the regular pads which do not provide much protection from the back so as to prevent any leakage as you toss and turn while you sleep, these special overnight pads come with a wider hip guard. As the name suggests, the wider hip guard is wide around the hip area and covers your panty entirely so that no leakage or staining can take place as you stir in your sleep. Therefore, you won’t have to stay put or wake up every hour to check on the leakage. But, make sure you change into a fresh napkin once before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up to get the best results.



  • Flexi absorb system - This special flexi absorb system helps you have a peaceful slumber all through the night as you menstruate. This particular feature makes the napkin move with your body as you sleep and hence soaks up every drop of blood efficiently. These Sofy sanitary pads price are super affordable and come in different sizes so that you can pick according to your budget.


  • Double absorbent core - The overnight pads come with a unique double absorbent core that hugs the body perfectly and continues to absorb blood flow from night to morning. Therefore, even as you toss and turn the entire night, the napkin will stay put and continue to protect you from leakage or staining.


  • Extra length - The Sofy womens sanitary napkins in the bodyfit overnight range also comes in 420mm length to ensure extra protection from leakage while you sleep. This extra long pad helps in providing some extra coverage in your panty so that you won't have to worry about ruining it by spillage or leakage. This napkin can also be worn through the day and it will be as efficient as in the night.


The Sofy pads online and offline both are affordable and will fit every budget. If you are confused about getting your hands on the bigger pack, start with the smaller one, give it a try for a day or two, experience the benefits and then pick the bigger one. One thing you need to keep in mind, that menstrual blood flow varies from one woman to the other and hence the sanitary pads should be changed depending on your own blood flow. Do not wait for the napkin to get completely soiled until you change it. Make sure to change as often as you need especially before you hit the bed at night and after waking up.