Wanted Some Social Media Marketing Done In Melbourne. Got The Best Agency To Do It For Me

Lead Generation in Melbourne is now so simple


A while back I was in a crisis. I work at a firm in Melbourne, Australia, and was pulled up by my boss as to why we weren't getting good sales and traction. 


I mean, is it my fault? 


This isn’t even my job. I am part of the company’s main roles and my boss just assumed lead generation is very simple in Melbourne and just assigned it to me. Well, surprise, it isn’t! 



I asked my boss to get a Digital Marketing Agency in Australia on board


I finally decided to come clear to my boss and told him that with a firm as big as this, there were a lot of digital requirements that we had and it isn’t a one-man job to do these. 


After researching quite a bit, there was Quint Digital - a digital marketing agency in Australia. They seemed the best of all the others, and my boss was up for trying them out. 

The services offered by the Digital Marketing Agency in Australia


Now my boss was in for a surprise when he realised that apart from lead generation in Melbourne, there are many other services that are also provided by Quint Digital. 


It is also a Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne as well as an SEO company in Melbourne. 


So many services offered under one umbrella! I’ll tell you in short about how they revamped our firm’s online presence. 

Outstanding Social Media Marketing in Melbourne


These days having a presence on social media is very important as most of the target audience reaches out to businesses there. 


That is where the real deal is. Quint Digital carried out campaigns and helped immensely with the social media marketing in Melbourne and wow, the firm’s traction just grew and grew. 




You must have experienced it for yourself. 


How many hours do you spend on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn? 


Don’t you register in your mind businesses that are creative and have a social media presence? 


Well, that should tell you how important social media marketing in Melbourne really is. 

I never knew a Facebook Advertising Agency in Melbourne could do this great! 


Facebook has a great reach and thus advertising on it ensures that your business is seen by thousands and lakhs of people on the social networking site. 


Quint Digital - a Facebook advertising agency in Melbourne put out some great, creative and catchy ads for the masses to see. They loved it! 


The beauty of Facebook ads is that they manage to grab attention while the user is scrolling through their feed, and it is surprising how well this can do for a business. 

An SEO Company in Melbourne that knows the market


The crucial factor for a business to excel is that their content, ads, everything needs to have the right keywords. This is where Quint Digital, an SEO company in Melbourne managed to optimise our site and business, by using the right keywords. 


An SEO company in Melbourne that really knows how to please the search engines and the market is one that you should choose just like we did. 


What are you waiting for? 


My boss is so very happy with the lead generation in Melbourne! He finally sees why reaching out to a premier agency was a good call to make. 


The business has reached heights and we are experiencing more sales than ever before. 

Thanks a bunch, Quint Digital!