Top 5 tips for Snapchat

You are more likely to use Snapchat this messaging application that deletes your images and messages a few seconds after playback. But do you know all its secrets? Today we show you our 5 favorite tips and tricks to Snapchat.

Upload video

Let's start with one of the simplest tricks: how to send a video with Snapchat? Simply press and hold the center button time video capture, which is limited to 10 seconds. You can then send it as you normally do with a photograph.

How to add filters

Friends send you pictures with cool effects, and you wonder how they get there? The solution lies in the settings of Snapchat <Additional Options   <Filter: box must be ticked. Attention some filters require access to your location! To use the filter, simply slide your image to the right or left once made.

Quick tip: If, when you write your message, type "Negative ..." (with three points), you will have access to an additional effect! Even suppress the message, the effect will remain.

More colors for your designs

You feel a bit limited by the colors available on Snapchat? There is a simple way to get the whole color palette you want: hold your finger on one of the proposed colors, and navigate on your screen. Stop when you get to the color of your choice.

More than 3 best friends

Snapchat  selects for you your "best friends": those with whom you have the most contact on Snapchat. This is useful for sending messages quickly, especially if you have many contacts! But know that you can have up to 7 special contacts: in Settings <Additional options <Number best friends, change the number at will.

Delete Snapchat

After the scandal about the security hole Snapchat, many of you no longer wish to deal with this application. But Snapchat uninstall your smartphone alone will not protect you. There are so you visit the site Snapchat and delete your account. Caution: Once done, you can not go back, and your account will disappear forever.

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