Six Perfect Gifts for Your Guy

Admit it?it can be tough shopping for guys. They?re often passionate about their likes and dislikes?and worse, if you?re like most girls, those likes and dislikes don?t exactly resemble your own. If you?re at a loss as to what to give your guy for Christmas, his birthday, or any other major gift-giving holiday, we?re here to help out. Here are six never-fail ideas to make your guy fall in love with you all over again.

A gift voucher - No, really. Guys aren?t as sensitive as women when it comes to the hidden meaning of a gift. Most women believe that if a guy gives her a gift voucher, it means he doesn?t care enough about her to really give any serious thought to what she likes. But with guys, that?s often not the case. Every man usually has an obsession he?s carried over from adolescence?whether it?s electronics, grilling, outdoor activities, sports, or games. All these obsessions have one thing in common?a preoccupation with complex, expensive equipment.

Guys are very knowledgeable about the equipment involved in their obsession, and are often very picky?try getting your golfer guy a club when you know nothing about golf, and chances are you?ll buy the wrong one. But get your golfer a generous gift voucher to a golf store, and he?ll be thrilled. Find out what your guy?s obsession is, and get him a nice big gift voucher. Believe me, he?ll be pleased.

A classy poker/grill/wine set - Whatever your man is into, chances are there?s a fancy set for it. If he likes to BBQ, get him a nice set of grill tools. If he?s a poker player, get him a poker set in a nice hardwood box. Don?t get too technical?if his obsession is fishing, for example, you?d better let him buy his own rod, unless you know a lot about fishing too. But there?s no reason not to get him a great-looking box to keep his lures in.

A hand massager - Even guys like to feel pampered. An electric hand massager can be just the thing he needs to unwind after a long day. Guys tend to like harder, faster pressure than women do?so look for a powerful massager with several settings, so he can adjust.

An exotic car experience - Every guy has a dream car. You can probably tell what your guy?s is by being observant?notice what cars he checks out when you?re out together. If you can?t tell one car from another, ask him?chances are he?ll grab the opportunity to talk about his favorite car. Surprise him by renting his dream car for a day. Let him take it to work, out with the guys, or on a quick weekend getaway with you. It?s a gift he?s sure to talk about for years.

Concert or Theatre tickets ? Most men have at least one music obsession. Find out what his is, and check online to see when they are coming to your town. Even if the concert?s a long way off, go ahead and buy him the tickets ? it will definitely give him something to look forward to. And if you want him to think you?re a really amazing girlfriend and you really don?t mind not going, tell him he doesn?t have to take you. He might want to take his best friend who?s also a big fan. With a selfless gesture like that, your boyfriend is sure never to forget this gift.

A magazine subscription - Does he like Windsurfing? Get him a subscription to Windsurfing Magazine. Is he into cooking? Get him Fine Cooking Magazine. Like music? A subscription to Rolling Stone should be just the thing. Want to send him a naughty message? There?s always Playboy. Other Good general choices for guys include Maxim, Arena, and GQ. Chances are he?d never think of subscribing to a magazine himself, but would love one as a surprise.

Buying your guy a gift doesn?t have to be a stressful experience. These tips ought to be all you need to get off to a great start on gift-giving, and get your guy a present he?s sure to remember and appreciate.


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