Simple Steps To Use Coupe Menstruelle

Menstrual cups are best alternative to use during periods, but it is also essential that you know the proper steps of using the cups, so that you are free to use it during periods.


Do you know the facts why the coupe menstruelle are better options to pads and tampons? Do you know that tampons and pads can be used consecutively for 3 to 4 hours? Yes, after that you need another tampon or pad. Whereas menstrual cup lasts for around 12 hours and this can keep you away from hassle of changing cup again and again.


Are you aware of the fact that tampons have a risk of TSS? This can be dangerous and so cup menstruelle are considerable choice against tampons. Main reason of getting comfortable with such cups is that they collect menstrual fluid and not absorb it like tampons. In the absorption method with menstrual fluid, natural fluid of body gets absorbed. This is not good for your health so opt for coupelle menstruelle.


Online research can help you find the coupe mesntruelle economique. While finding coupe menstruelle économique, it is advisable to not compromise over quality aspect as these cups are going to be with you for almost 10 years.


Here are few simple directions to use cup menstruelle:


First step – Fold cup using right folding method

Right folding method are many but you need to choose for those you are comfortable with. U fold and push down are two known folding methods with which you can get comfortable. In U fold method, sides of cup need to be pressed together. After this is done, you can fold it to make a tight U shape.


In push down folding method, first you need to place finger on top rim of the cup. After this you should make a triangle shape by pressing down to centre in the base. Top rim becomes smaller and can allow you insert the coupelle menstruelle.


Second step – Hold the cup correctly

Use thumb and your forefinger to hold the cup correctly. In case you make a mistake to hold it then folds that you make in step one can be affected. Let the stem face the palm by holding the sides of menstrual cup with finger and thumb.


Third step – Insert it properly

Let your vaginal muscles relax in the first place. Use another hand to separate labia and push horizontally curved edge of the cups to the opening. Don't insert it too high in the vaginal canal as it may cause leaks. Inserting it too high in the vaginal canal might make difficulty when removing the cup.


Fourth step – Seal the menstrual cup

While sealing the coupe menstruelle cup you need to hold the base of the cup and not the stem. After holding base of the cup, you need to rotate it in 360 degree angle. Another method can be done when you insert the cup. Insert the cup about half way and turn in 360 degree angle. After this you can horizontally push it towards your tail-bone.


Fifth step – Pull the stem to remove the cup

You need to pull the stem gently to reach out to the base of cup. Release seal by pinching the base of cup and then pull it. Remove fluid and wash the cup using warm water.