Signs Your Ex Wants You Back: Ways to Find Out

You are not over it yet and want to know if they want you back? Here are signs that your ex still loves you. Any one of these situations could be a sign wanting you back.


Have you been dumped but you are not over it yet and want to know if they want you back? Are you looking for signs pointing to this very thing? Any one of these situations could be a sign to them wanting you back. There are ways to find out.


-  Have you noticed if your ex is trying to keep in touch with you?


-  Are they doing things that would normally make you jealous?


-  Does it seem like they are upset with the way things turned out? Or is it just the other way around?


-  Does it seem like they are ignoring you or are overly happy about being out of the relationship?


-  Do you hear friends whispering about the situation? Are they trying to find out information for you but finally it’s all the more confusing.


-  Have you heard how your ex really feels about you and he/she actually detests you. In fact, each time your name is mentioned, a curse word follows.


Would you be surprised to learn that these are signs pointing to him/her want wanting you back?


Have you been contacted by your ex? If so, it’s a sign that they could want to make up with you. However, when signals are confusing, it can leave you feeling crazy as you try to find out what they are thinking. If you are trying to figure out what is going on their end, then there is actually just one thing you need to see to know if you still have an opportunity to get back with your ex.


Look to see if your ex reacts with emotion to the mere mention of your name and/or your actions.


Is there a thin line between hate and love? Yes. However, those feelings of jealousy, hate and disrespect still point toward that emotional correlation that is there linking your ex and yourself. Yes, there is still hope for the two of you.


You also need to know where to draw the line in wanting them back. Sometimes time does not heal all wounds. If you see this happen, it’s time to move on. However, if you see the sign that they still want you back by a sparks of emotion that passes their eyes, then try putting some strategies in place to give both of you another chance.


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