Shipping Oversized Vehicles

An aspect of the car transport industry in which some have fully specialized in is the oversized vehicle transportation. Vehicles may be transported internationally by land or by sea. Transporting oversized vehicles by air is limited by size and weight at present. The shipping of vehicles is a very tedious task. The speeds at which the transports are done are limited by the weight of the vehicles transported.


Oversized vehicles shipped are generally those that are used in construction. Bulldozers, Cranes, and other specialized machineries that are not fit for transportation need to be dealt with transports. This is to hasten the amount of time required for the transportation and to protect the roads from damages.


In land, flatbeds are generally used for the transport of oversized vehicles. Flatbeds have very wide cargo areas and a good power to carter for the weight of these oversized vehicles. The loading is made with ramps ached to the flatbed. These heavy duty ramps are designed to withstand the weight of oversized vehicles. In some cases normal open trailer trucks will do the job if size and weight are not much of an issue. This all depends on the rating of the transport vehicle used for the transport.


In sea, oversized vehicles need to be loaded by large cranes when they are placed as deck cargo. These rectangular cranes are designed for the lifting of the heaviest cargos in docks. If cranes are not available for use in loading, it is sometimes necessary to drive these vehicles to the assigned position in the loading. The loading positions are crucial to keep the balance of the ship during travel.


Some auto transport companies deal with oversized vehicles. Clients needing shipping of oversized vehicles should deal with the process of identifying the companies that have experience in this variety of auto transport so they get a fair service to start with. The rates for the shipping of oversized vehicles don’t come cheap and should be dealt with good service and security.