Shave Your Pubic Hair

Do you have to buy extra large and stretchy pants in order to accomadate the huge bush in your pants? When your lover reaches down to fondle you do they just end up grabbing a fist full of hair? Do you neech a machete, a torch, and a foreign speaking guide in order to make it through the thick of your pubic hair so that you can masturbate? Maybe it's time for you to shave your pubic hair then. Have no fear, if done right, a good shave is easy, painless, and not too difficult to maintain. So grab your hedge clippers and lets head into the thick of it.

It's not Just for Girls anymore

For years shaving one's pubic hair was reserved for the women of the world. Slowly with the rise of gay culture men have started to find various benefits to it as well. Now it is not uncommon for a heterosexual male to shave their pubic hair on a semi-regular basis. This can have a number of advantages, not the least of which is the fact that it'll make you look a lot bigger. So if you've never tried it, or if girls get that look of dismay when they pull down your tightie whities, then maybe you should reach for the shaving cream as well.

3 blades of pubic hair cutting goodness
3 blades of pubic hair cutting goodness

A Poor Craftsman Blames His Tools

When it comes to shaving, that is not true. If you haven't been able to tell already the skin in the pubic region is extremely sensitive. If you go and hack away at it like you would your face or your ass, then you will end up with a rash which will convince your lover that your regular insanity is just a product of your syphilis. Seriously, some people have extremely sensitive skin and if done improperly you will look like you have a pretty bad STD, not an image you want to convey. The first step to avoiding this is the tools you use. Don't even think about using that disposable razor on your groin. If you want to shave your pubes you are going to need to spend a couple more dollars and get a better razor.

The best razor to use is one of the 3-blade razor types. This inclues the venus and the mach 3. They allow for a good close cut without requiring you to go over the area a thousand times. Make sure you get a fresh blade to use so that it is good and sharp when you do your cutting. In terms of shaving cream, strike the word cream from your vocabulary. Pick out one of those good gels they sell in the shaving section. Gillete makes a good one. These allow for better lubrication and keep the area soft.

Give Yourself a Haircut

After you have gotten all the supplies you need it is time to get down to business.

You had a lot to cut off, damn!
You had a lot to cut off, damn!

Trim it Up

The first thing that you are going to want to do is get out a pair of scissors or a beard trimmer and give yourself a good close haircut. Try to cut off as much of your pubic hair as possible with the scissors. This will make it easier to shave and will cause your razor to get clogged less. You may very well decide that this is the perfect height for your hair and there is no reason to take it down any farther so be sure to check yourself out in a mirror when your done and see if you like how it looks.

Get Wet

The next thing you are going to want to do is take a bath or shower. If you have the time then I would suggest taking a bath, it will really give the hairs a chance to soften up. If time is not your friend then just hop on into the shower and stay there for a couple of minutes making sure your pubic region sees plenty of water. Be sure to keep the water warm to hot.

Finish It Up

After your hair has had a chance to soften up, and you feel that you are ready, then it is time to let the shaving begin. Make sure your skin is moist, then lube the whole area that you want to shave up with the new fancy gel that you bought and gently massage it in for a minute or two. Next, take out your razor and run it under hot water for a second before you begin to shave. Be sure to shave with the grain (in the direction that the hairs point), in short, careful strokes. If you don't do this, you risk both irritation and ingrown hairs - neither of which are a lot of fun. Try to go over the same area no more then twice otherwise you'll be heading down irritation alley. It is important to note that you could be irritating the skin even if you don't feel it. The skin could feel all nice and happy while you are shaving, you may feel like you could go over it 10 more times with the blade without a problem, but trust me you will regret it later. Be sure to get all those hard to reach spots, stretch out your skin to be sure that you got everything, there is nothing worse then finding a patch of hair while you are drying yourself off later on.


Depending on how sensitive your skin is you may or may not need to treat your skin afterwards. To do this apply mineral oil or a similar moisturizing cream to the area every couple of hours. This will keep the skin from drying out and hopefully from getting irritated as well. Try and avoid tight fitting panties or underwear for the first 12 or so hours after shaving. If you shave at night put on some loose fitting sweats or pajamas without underwear to help minimize contact with the skin. Finally, don't touch the area too much right after. I know its tempting because you are so smooth and nice but that too can cause irritation. If irritation or itching occurs, a small application of witch hazel helps immensely.

Between shavings, using a mild (sugar based, not salt) exfoliant can help prevent ugly, itchy, red, bumps.

Once you have shaved maintaining it is pretty easy. Shave the area every couple of days. For the first few shaves be sure to follow all the guidlelines listed here, afterwards, depending on your skin you can probably start to ease off on the mineral oil and the other things, however never be reckless.

Typically, as with all regular shaving, the skin will become less irritated in the future. If the first time is miserable, don't give up hope, future shaves should be much less unpleasant.


If your skin is too sensitive for regular shaving, or perhaps you just want a cleaner look and feel using a razor may not be for you. Purchase an electric beard trimmer; not an electric shaver. Use the beard trimmer on one of the lowest settings and go to town. There aren't any special instructions for doing so, except watch out for loose skin because getting nipped by a beard trimmer can be quite painful.


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