Secrets to Make a Man Fall in Love with You - Dos and Donts

Every woman should know the secrets to make a man fall in love with you. But, there should be a good chemistry for you to work out. But when the chemistry doesn’t work out, broken hearts will surely exist. These are the 6 secrets to make a man fall in love. Apart from the above, you highly need a good confidence level. That is, if you have confidence in yourself, anyone can get attracted to you easily. A nice quote says ‘if you trust yourself to do the right thing in the prospective relationship, you can make anybody fall in love with you’

Here are 5 secrets that you must know:

Secret No 1: Give attention

One of the greatest secrets to make a man fall in love with you is to show your attention when he talks to you. Men have ego and they feel good when his woman pay attention to him. If the guy seems to be disappointed, you should try to cheer him and make him smile. He feels like he is been taken care by someone. You should find out about his likes and dislikes.

Secret No 2:  Discuss issues

You should not talk about things that doesn't interest him, instead talk about some sports or a topic which interest him. Find out the things that are currently going in his life. That makes him feel better.

Secret No 3: Do not change for other’s sake

The golden secrets to make men fall in love are that you should not change for the person. You should be the real you instead of trying to be someone you are not.

Secret No 4:  Be humorous

Men love sense of humor. They are far from being serious. Make sure you know how to make him and his friends laugh. At the same time you should also appreciate his humor. Sometimes it can go too far but try to ignore it and know laughing is the best medicine, even for love.

Secret No 5: Dress right

I don’t think any woman should be taught why they need to dress well. Most of the girls know how to dress to please their men. You should feel comfortable with your dressing. To dress right should mean you feel comfortable with what you're wearing.

Here is list of things you should not do:

1) Don’t bore him talking about your girlfriends or shopping
2) Don’t flirt around once you are in relationship
3) Don’t criticize his family or close friends

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