Secrets of How to Influence a Guy to Marry You

How to influence a guy to marry you? This question might bother any woman who is serious in her relationship. You may be dating a guy now and things are going smoothly. You are waiting for him to say the magic word 'will you marry me?' You know it very well and you want the man to rule your heart. You want your man to be the king of your heart and he is a responsible guy who can stick to you all your life. This is not a new situation but a common situation that many women face today, the same way they have faced centuries ago. You might have noticed many of your friends have zoomed off in front of your eyes with great guys and are happily settled. If you are wondering why you are left out then stop thinking too much. Relax and unleash your charm. You have a secret within you, just like other women. Every woman has a secret charm but the only issue is many of them do not know how to use it.

With the simple methods, you can make your man dance to your tune. If you think that it is difficult, then it's not what you think. However, you have to follow the simple techniques. Always remember that you should not plead or beg, "Please marry me, I will die without you", etc. You have to show your self-respect and then you can make him propose you!

1) Play it Cool: Do not struggle hard. Be cool by keeping your cool. Do not go to him impatiently. Give some time to your relationship and understand what kind of a man he is. Do not hurry in anything because decisions which are made in haste are risky. Do not let yourself regret your decision.

2) Understanding Him: Give both of you more time before commitment. Understand his nature and character. You should feel comfortable with the guy if you are thinking of a lifelong relationship with him. For that, you have to know more about the guy that you are marrying and if he is your ideal Mr. Right you want to spend the rest of your life with.

3) Judge Yourself: One of the important factors knowing how to influence your boyfriend to marry you is to judge yourself. Think about it and ask yourself if you are marriageable enough for any commitments. If you think that you are not ready for a life-long relationship, then do not barge in, give yourself some time and then decide what precisely you have to do.