Secret International Program for Intrusive Examinations of Children and Teens

There exists a secret international research and surveillance program where a selected persentage of children in several countries are called in for intrusive body inspections.


The view expressed in this article is obtained through collection of around 300 experience reports from people in different countries, but most from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. The ordeals described here especially seem to occur in countries with a thight political connection to USA and UK. Countries with a historical connection to the former Soviet Union seem to run similar programs, though.

There exist a secret international program where a certain percentage of kids from selected communities in various countries are subjected to very extensive bodily inspections and testings with endoscopic and radiological methods, as well as recording of body functions with electrodes, sonds and sensors connected to computerized consoles for analysis.

Some communities also seem to perform such intrusive exams as regular well-child assessments at specific ages, but also these communities might be connected to this international program.

The purposes of the program seem to be of several kind:
- Statistical surveillance of the bodily development of kids in the communities
- Statistical surveillance of development deviations from a standard normality scheme
- Investigation of occurances of microbes in the young population.
- Use of bodily findings to statistically surveil sexual habits and signs of sexual abuse
- Harvesting of tissue to use in research and for treatment of other patients
- Detecting developmental deviations in each kid from a normality standard established by the community
- Detecting development deviation and other health issues in the individual kid that elswhere would have remained undetected and pass on the kid to more thight surveillance and treatment
- Using the kids for scientific experiments


One seems to perform the ordeals at specific age levels, especially 6-7 at school start, 11-13 by onset of puberty, and 15-16 during the mid puberty. The selected kids may be called in by letters to parents, but other parents in general are not given any information about the program. When a kid is called in with a letter, parents are generally not given a comprehensive description of the things one plan to do, but the letter is typically constructed in a way aimed at giving a psychological feeling of being well informed.

The kid is often given sedation or even general anesthesia during these extended physicals to make the kid cooperative and to hinder him or her from remembering and telling parents or others what was exactly done. Sometimes the exams are done completely in disguize when the kid is under anesthesia for some other procedure, like tonsillectomy, dental work, wisdom tooth removal or other small surgeries. Sometimes parents get informed that the health authorities must investigate some concern about the health of the kid as a dummy explanation.

Before the ordeal, one will typically perform an apparently normal well-child physical, with deliverance of urine and blood specimens, but this exam usually looks somewhat untimely and deviate from the normal well-child exam program of the kid. This exam will however in some cases de done as the initial part of the ordeal itself.

The kid is typically called in to a special area at school prepared as a surgery unit, some unit established to perform the program, a health center or a hospital department. Before the ordeal, the kid is typically asked to sustain from eating from a point in the day before, given laxatives to clean out the digestive system, and often given some kind of flushing of the lower digestive tract after arrival to the unit.



The exam ordeal typically begins with the functional tests, often at a separate day before the internal inspections.

During the exams one performs several or all of the following invasive procedures:

One perform an EEG test- examination of brain functions with electrodes and computerized equipment.

One performs an EKG test - examination of heart functions with electrodes. Usually one also checks the function of the heart with an outer ultrasound probe.

One examines the function of nerves and muscles with electrodes on body areas or inside body openings.

One performs a test of the lung functions with a tube the kid has to breath through.

The mentioned analyses of the function of breathing, heart and muscles is often also performed while letting the kid do some msucular work.

The kid will often have to lay some hours in bed with breathing tube, catheter into a blood vessel, urinart catether and other sensors. While the kid lay this way, one performs computerized analyses of the methabolism and hormonal secration.


This part of the ordeal is often done on a day two. At some pont during this part of the ordeal, the kid will most often get sedation through a tube into a blood vessel. Later on the kid may be given general anesthesia, first through a mask and then one places a tube through hisher throut to administer the anesthetic gas and artificial ventilation.

In spite of anesthesia given, the kid will remember a lot of details around the procedures and sometimes also from the procedures themselves, because anesthesia never works perfectly, and the kid will always have some symptoms afterwards that tell a lot of what has been done.

One takes specimens for analysis with sonds inserted through all of the body openings: nose, throut, ears, urethra, vagina, anus.

One inspects the kid internally with optical scopes through body openings: Cystoscopy, rectoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, vaginal inspections, endoscopies through nose or throut. The inspection through the pelvic openings always seem to occur, while the other may vary.

Surpizingly often they makes a small hole through the navel, or just beneath the navel and inspects the inside of the belly with a scope. Probably one uses the opportunity to take out tissues during this inspection with the aim of using the tissue for research and treatment of other patients, including stem-cell harvesting. In many cases they will remove the apendix during the internal abdominal inspection.

One inspects most body structures with outer ultrasound probes: Shoulders, hips, knees, chest, stomach, testicles, head and jaws.

One examines the kid with ultrasound probes inserted through the anus, vagina or urethra.

One takes X-ray of joints, jaws, facial structures, breast, abdomen.

This list is not exhaustive. Other invasive examinations may also be done regularly on kids.

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