What to know about Seamless Steel Pipes?


Seamless steel pipes are very hardy that can hold out against extreme pressure and stand strong against corrosion. That's why these round and hollow pipes are widely used in making bends, angles, and also in high-pressure applications. 


To create seamless steel pipes, solid steel sheets or bars are taken first to form round-shaped, solid billets. Then these billets are heated to create seamless pipes. This Seamless Pipe Bender works fine for years without being subject to distortions.


Where seamless steel pipes are used 

The seamless steel pipes are used in performing various tasks. Though these pipes are a bit pricey owing to the complexity of their making and authoritative market conditions. 


But these are extremely cost-effective and without any need for maintenance, they can continue to thrive for years. Due to the enduring quality, these seamless pipes are used in the following fields -


● Hydrocarbon Industries

● Oil refineries

● Manufacturing of air and hydraulic cylinders

● Oil and gas transportation

● Automobile industry

● Drilling


● Boilers

● Gas exploration etc


Depending on the thickness of the seamless pipe bender, it is used in the above-mentioned fields. The need varies for performing different types of tasks.

Advantages of seamless steel pipe benders 

There are a handful of advantages of using a seamless steel pipe bender. We will discuss them below - 


1.  Being high pressure and high temperature resistant, seamless pipes seem to be a better choice for those surroundings where there is tremendous exposure to excessive mechanical stress and higher operating temperature.


2. Solid billet is used to make a seamless bender, so it makes these pipes stronger than the rest of its kind.


3. The seamless pipes are free from contamination and thus are better corrosion resistant compared to the other pipes.


4. At the time of manufacturing, the seamless pipes strengthen themselves. Thus it neither needs a heat treatment nor integrity testing.


Differences between welded and seamless pipes 

Based on the different types of requirements, seamless pipes and welded pipes are used in various industries. Let us discuss the differences between the welded pipes and seamless pipes here -


1.  Seamless pipes are more hardy compared to that of the vulnerable welded pipes. Despite the improvisation that has been made in the welded pipe in recent times, still this fails to bear 20% of the actual pressure that the seamless pipe can withstand.


2.  The processing of seamless pipe benders is a bit costly compared to that of the welded pipes. The making of the welded pipes is pretty simple and the production cost is pretty cheap. Thus these welded pipes are widely used in those industries where the temperature and pressure don't cross their tolerance limit.


3.  The process of rolling and stretching, during the manufacturing of the seamless steel pipes creates inconsistency in the thickness of the walls of these pipes. Whereas, the welded pipes are not so. They come up with consistent wall thickness as they are made from steel sheets.


In conclusion, it can be said that depending on the type of the project, the correct type of piping has to be selected. This is a vital decision. A welded pipe bender can anytime be replaced with a seamless pipe but it's utterly impossible to replace a seamless pipe with a welded one.


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