Sculpture as a kind of art

Sculpture is a kind of fine art, works of which have a volume-spatial form, they are three-dimensional and tangible


The sculpture can be divided into types - easel, monumental, monumental-decorative sculpture and small plastic. The sculpture reproduces the real world, but the main object image is a person, through the appearance of which his inner world, character and psychological condition are transferred,  as well as the human body, the transfer of movement (head, bust, torso, statue, statuary). Images of wildlife make animal genre of sculpture.

The expressiveness of the sculpture is achieved by constructing the main plans, light planes, volume, mass, rhythmic relationships. The clarity and integrity of the silhouette play a big role. Textured surface finish and details complement the expressiveness of plastic solutions of sculptural image.

The materials of sculptures are stone (marble, limestone, sandstone, granite, and others), wood, bone, metal (bronze, copper, iron, etc.), clay, calcined clay, gypsum. Essaywritinghelper

The complex and multi-stage technique of sculpture carries a high physical labor. Various technical methods are used - modeling (clay and plaster), cutting (stone), carving (wood), casting, stamping, forging, welding (metal). In addition to the author's work a supporting labor of craftsmen (stone cutting, molding, casting, stamping, etc.) plays an important role in the artist's sculpture.

One type of sculpture observable from all directions is called circular sculpture (a statue, or composition). Going round is one of the most important conditions for the perception of a round plastic. The peculiarity of circular sculpture is that the image can be perceived differently from different points of view: new experiences are born, revealing the model in the ever-changing silhouettes. Plastic expressiveness obtains particular force of the impact due to the use of transitions of light and shadow.

Relief is the form of sculpture, where depicted figures and objects are placed on a plane and protrude from it. Relief images are associated with the plane and do not reproduce the full volume of the imaged body. Relief appeared in ancient Egypt.

Sculpture, being a volume art, demands the organization of the surrounding space, the architectural environment. The result is a synthesis of architecture and sculpture.

The main genres of sculpture are the portrait, household sculpture, thematic composition (two-figure, multi-figure composition) and animal genre.