Science of Abacus Makes Maths Fun n Easy for Kids

Abacus an ancient Chinese tool refined by Japanese is an important Scientific Mathematical aid for children who are initiated in maths or for those who find maths cumbersome


Abacus has become an inseparable educational tool used by most of the progressive Institutions, educationists & parents to ensure that children master numbers in fun and easy method. The beauty of this tool is that it is easy to operate and children just love to "Play" with it and while doing so they calculate at amazing speed and accuracy!. 

The most important difference between an abacus (a mechanical calculator) and conventional electronic calculator is that the more you work with electronic calculator the more you become dependent on it. However in case of abacus the more you use abacus, the more you become independent of it, with little practice and guidance the same calculation are performed by students on 'Mental Abacus' i.e on virtual abacus in their mind. Most important advantage of this technique is that speed is no more function of physical movement of beads! Some of the students give instantaneous answers of simple number problems involving ten three digits sums for addition/subtraction!

Isn't it great?  It indeed is considering the simplicity of learning process involved. The only requirement from students is consistent practice atleast 3 to 4 times a week for 10 to 15 minutes each time. 

Abacus has become such an important tool in educational field of learning numbers / maths is that millions of students of almost every origin from 30+ countries are learning these amazing techniques to sharpen their maths skills with the use of physical abacus and mental skills by use of 'Mental Abacus'. 

There is no specific age limit to learn Maths on Abacus. For mental maths it has been observed by leading educational experts that children of the age group of 4 to 14 years have a natural ability to pick-up Mental Abacus. It is important that content of the syllabus are specifically designed to keep the age group of students and their learning ability. Specific Course material and sincere and dedicated abacus mentor is the perfect recipe for nurturing Smart Students of their own League who excel not only in Maths but in other subjects as well.