A list of some of the dozens of scholars who support the Khilafah

Shura Al Mujahideen made up of Tunisian scholars, Mujahideen and scholars of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Palestine, represented by the , Sheikh Makmun Abdul Hamid Hatim in support of The Islamic State

Resident Scholars in Islamic State

Al Mufasir Sheikh ul Hadith Allama Abu al-Mundhir al-Shinqiti (Mauritania/Islamic State)

Sheikh Mai al-Mani (Saudi Arabia/Islamic State)

Sheikh Abu Muhammad al adnani (syria/iraq/Islamic State)

Sheikh Turki Bin Ali (Bahrain/Islamic State)

Sheikh Saad Al-Hunaithi (Jordan/Islamic State)

Sheikh Abu Humam al-Athari (Saudi Arabia/IS)

Sheikh Abu al-Hasan al-Azdi (Saudi Arabia/IS)

Sheikh Abu Ja‘far al-Hattab

Sheikh Abu Sufyan As Sulami

Abu Dujana al-Kuwaiti (Kuwait/IS )


Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad (Lebanon/UK)

Sheikh Abu Basir Al Wuhaishy (Yemen)

Sheikh Harith Al Nadhari (Yemen)

Sheikh Abu Musab Abdul Wadud (Morocco/Tunisia)

Sheikh Anjem Choudary (UK)

Sheikh Faisal (Jamaica)

Sheikh Abul Huda As-Sudani (Khurasan Afghanistan)

Maulan Faizur Rahman (Chennai)

"All the lads here (Afghanistan) are with Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Send my Salam and love and my respect to Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. And tell them, we are your army in the Khurasan land. We await your orders and directives", said Sheikh Abul Huda As-Sudani to Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as he expects the declaration of Khilafah."

Sheikh Dr Muhammad Al Arifi (Saudi Arabia)

Sheikh Ahmad Al A seer (Lebanon)

Sheikh Musa Cerantonio (Australia)

Maulana Omar Khalid Khorasani (Pak Afghan region)

Maulana Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost (Pakistan)

Maulvi Abdul Qahar (Khurasan/Pakistan)

9 Top Al Qaeda Commanders in Khurasan

Sheikh Abu Ubayda al Lubnani (Khurasan/Lebanon)

Abu Muhannad al Urduni (Khurasan/Pakistan

Abu Jarir al Shamali (Khurasan Afghanistan)

Abu Huda al Sudani (Khurasan Afghanistan)

Abdul Aziz al Maqdisi (Khurasan/Palestine/Jordan)

Mawlana Abdullah al Punjabi (Khurasan/Pakistan

Abu Yunis al Kurdi (Khurasan)

Abu Aisha al Qurtubi (Khurasan)

Abu Musab al Tadamuni (Khurasan)

It is imperative that we remember who sent the brave Mujahid, leader of the martyrs Qaari Hussain Mehsood ibn al-Shaheed and two members of Tehrik-i-Taliban Zahidullah and Abdul Aziz to Iraq to carry out martyrdom operations.

In conclusion, I would like to remind the Muslim nation that the Mujahideen from Pakistan to Iraq are united, and there are no differences between them, and the names like Tehrik-i-Taliban or ISIS are nothing but a strategy of war and there is no a difference in belief. We are one.

Since 2013 approximately 300 Indian youth from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka have been recruited by Pakistan-based Dar ul Ulooms which have joined hands with ISIS.

They are being trained in Pakistan, Iraq and Syria to be Fidayeen.

Sheikh Hani Al Sibai (Algeria/France/UK)

Sheikh Khalid Al Fikri ( Egypty / UK )

Maulana Salman Nadvi (India)

Maulana Masood Azhar (India)

Allama Umar Mahdi Zaydan (Jordan)

Maulana Abdul Aziz (Jamia Hafsa Lal Musjid Pakistan)

Jamaat e Islaami Hind

Maulana Abdul Rahman (Tirpur Indian)

Sheikh Ahmed Musa Jibraeel (USA)

Sheikh Makmun Hatim, spokesman of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has announced that shortly insha'Allah the Ummah will see the expansion of the Islamic State into the Arabian Peninsula.

This comes only weeks after AQAP declared support for the Islamic State and for its leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and showed that it's ready to support the Islamic State in the disputes regarding leadership etc. with Al-Qaeda central (AQC). Along with AQAP the Somalia group Al-Shabaab also declared their support for ISIS, and the group Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) also declared support for the Islamic State.

The AQAP which is based in Yemen and operates primarily around Yemen as well as in areas of Saudi Arabia, has been the most vocal ally of the Islamic State among the various groups outside of Iraq and Ash-Sham, and has made it clear that it offers it full support, and now is announcing what seems to be an announcement that it will join the Islamic State.

"Our bayah was with Sheikh Usama after his demise we have given the bayah to our ameer Abu Basir who is a close ally and supporter of Sheikh Abu Dua Al Baghdadi we hope to see the islamic state of iraq and al sham expand into yemen"