Extra Large Sanitary Pads and Their Benefits

Sanitary pads are the most reached out menstrual products by a majority of women as they are super easy to use and remove. Besides, they come in different sizes such as extra large sanitary pads which make them the best fit for using during heavy flow days. Continue reading to know more about them.


Menstruation means three to five days of extreme discomfort every month. You can’t wear your favourite outfits and undies, enjoy an intense workout and are mostly low on energy all the time. Besides, there are aches in head, back, thighs, soreness in the breasts, fatigue, nausea, mood swings and so on. All these make dealing with menstruation excruciatingly painful. Plus there is proper hygiene to be maintained. Even though the intimate hygiene of all women should be maintained every day regardless of menstruation, it surely needs more care. For giving yourself the best hygiene care during periods, it is important to get your hands on products which are good quality and give you maximum protection both during your heavy and light flow days.


We are here referring to menstrual products such as extra large sanitary napkins. Among all the other menstrual products including tampons, sanitary pads are the most reached out products by a majority of women. This preference is the result of a number of reasons. The main reason why women are inclined more towards using sanitary napkins is their usage. The usage of these napkins is super easy as opposed to the tampons especially. They are just to be attached to your panty and that’s about it whereas tampons need to be inserted right into the vagina. This insertion is often the reason why many women prefer using sanitary pads instead. But, apart from the usage, tampons are also a good menstrual product.


Coming back to sanitary pads, there are a myriad of different variants available in the market which can make the selection of one particular variant truly difficult for you. There are different variants which are meant for meeting different period needs. Therefore, you need to have an understanding of your own period needs. Whether you need maximum protection during night or no smell period pads or protection from bacteria, knowing what you need will help you choose accordingly.


For those of you who experience extreme discomfort and find it difficult to fall asleep in the night, need maximum coverage especially for the night time. The sleepless night during periods is often the result of you trying to stay put so that you do not wake up to a stained bed or clothes. Many women also keep waking up every hour to check up on leakage or change the napkin which results in complete sleep deprivation. Therefore, you will find overnight sanitary napkins in the market which are equipped with qualities in them to give you maximum coverage, so that one napkin can last you the entire night giving you a peaceful sleep. These napkins have a wider hip guard which covers your panty from the back so that the menstrual blood drips right on top of it and not anywhere else. They also come with a subtle perfume tree fragrance which helps in keeping the menstrual odor at bay. This ensures that you can use them even during the day time and keep smelling good when you go out.


There are napkins which can give protection from bacteria as well if you are prone to catching germs or infections during periods. These soft period pads have a green sheet on top which is made of natural ingredients and can give 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. These napkins can be used both during nights and the day time. The price of the sanitary pads is very affordable and therefore will fit into all budgets.


If you are someone who needs some products which can help in maintaining a good hygiene during non-period days then panty liners are your pick. Panty liners look and are to be worn just like sanitary pads but are very different from them and serve a completely different purpose. They are very thin and small in nature and are to be used only during non-period days. The vaginal discharge that you release during non-period days can be soaked up by these panty liners to keep you fresh and dry at all times. You will find these panty liners online and offline at affordable prices.