Visible B/G LASER for aiming Infrared CO2 LASER

  • An infrared CO2 laser beam combined with a highly visible, blue-green aiming beam, which can be precisely focused on the same point as the infrared beam. In place of refractive optical guidance, the delivery system of the present invention employs reflective components. These reflective guidance systems do not have chromatic aberration since both visible light and infrared light are reflected in an identical manner. Consequently, the two beams are con-focally delivered precisely at the same point on an object, thus, permitting laser operations with unprecedented accuracy.

  • Reflective delivery systems do not have the material limitations, since there are suitable materials which have high reflective values throughout the whole visible and infrared range.

  • The blue-green aiming beam provides a ten times better contrast against a red background as compared to a red beam. Moreover, the human eye is seven times more sensitive to blue-green light than to red light.

Figures 1 and 2 below are the preferred embodiment of the idea.

Fig. 1



Fig. 2