CD "Gerard Pape - Ascension to Purgatory" by Thurston Hunger

(from KFJC On-Line Reviews, 10/13/2006)

Things to like about this release. It has a title that sounds like it belongs more in the metal genre. It features a LOT of diversity for a modern classical release, this is not one conceptual aspect from a composer stretched out for an hour. You’ve got slithery strings including amplified cello and viola along with some scritty Arditti violin. These three string flings help to divide the release up.

The first piece alternates between crazed phasey choruses and deep powerful percussion! It will scare people in rooms next door when it plays, the way it gets pummelled into a gong coma over and over on part four for example. Also if you listen to the very end of the CD, it actually segues beautifuly back to the choruses on the first track (which almost sound like human beings rubbed like champagne glasses till resonating). Back to drums, Roland Auzet who shines on the initial “Funeral Sentences” similary strikes deep bolts of sound on the title composition, but with a heavy rolling to rise above the stochastic STOCHOS compu-processing. That being said, not much is left to chance on this very fine and well-ordered release.

This recording benefits from the participation of well-known artists, among which are Irvine Arditti, Rohan de Saram, Nicholas Isherwoood, Roland Auzet or Maurizio Barbetti.