Important Guide on How to Roll the Dice and many more

guide how to roll dice

Craps, also known as Street Dice or Street Craps, is a relatively simple game of chance that bears a striking resemblance to the Craps casino game. 


The main difference between Craps and Shooting Dice is that you can throw the dice from the outside without using the regular Craps table.


While dice shooting may not be offered at the best crypto casino, it is a great option when you are out and about and want to have some fun with your friends. If you don't have dice, you can Roll a Dice Online which you can use at any time from anywhere with friends and family.


 The name - Shooting Dice - comes from the street gambling of the 1900s, where dice were thrown on the sidewalks and streets for fun.


This outdoor version of Casino Craps is much faster and only requires a hard outdoor surface and a pair of dice to get started.


 The object of the game is for the players to predict the outcome after they roll the dice or shoot. 


Participants in the game place bets on whether the shooter - the person who controls the dice - will hit a certain number. 

Let's learn how to roll the dice and go through some rules!


Dice Basics


know dice basics

As mentioned earlier, the dice game is very similar to Casino Craps, although the rules are slightly different. 


That being said, knowing the more complex Craps rules doesn't necessarily mean you can roll the dice.


When it comes to rolling dice, you are playing with two dice rolled by one player at any given time.


 There can be an unlimited number of other participants who decide to bet on the result - the more the better!


Before the game begins, players roll the dice to decide who will shoot. After that, the rest of the participants will start betting on whether that shooter can pass or crap. 


A roll of 7 or 11 is a pass, and a roll of 2,3, 12, or XNUMX is crap. If the shooter makes a mistake, the game ends and the rest of the participants receive a payout.


The very first person to bet is the shooter and all other players must call this bet for the game to continue. If the bet cannot be called, the shooter must lower his bet and then continue.


Know the Terminology

Whether you're playing Craps or Shooting Dice, it can be quite frustrating when people constantly ask what that means in the middle of your gameplay.


 In order not to disturb other players when learning to play dice, it is important to know the basic terms.

  • Come-out - the first throw in the game
  • Crap out - drop 2, 3, or 12 in cam-out
  • Pass - roll 7 or 11 in cam-out
  • Seven-out - a roll of 7 before a roll of points.
  • The Point - dropping any number from 4 to 10 in a cam-out.
  • Shooter - a person who rolls the dice
  • Bounce - There must be a barrier, such as a wall, that allows the dice to bounce before stopping.
  • Fingers - There must be no body parts, such as fingers, in the shooting area.
  • Side bet - an additional bet placed at the beginning of the round.


Find out the Cost of Points

When the shooter does not make a mistake or fails on the first roll, the number rolled becomes a point. 


Under these circumstances, all numbers on the dice become irrelevant, with the exception of 7 and the score value.


At this point, the shooter must continue to roll the dice until one of the numbers comes up. 


Pass bets here are based on whether or not the shooter rolls a point value again before a 7 is rolled - fail bets are the complete opposite.


As for the score, the game ends when the shooter rolls a 7 or the value of the score.


Game Launch

The game begins when players throw money into the pot, which is called an ante-up. At this stage, the players pay in the hope that they will be considered a shooter.


Once that is done, the next step is to roll the dice to see who will be the shooter. 


All those players who decide to bet will roll the dice and the player with the highest number will be declared the shooter.


After that, the shooter makes a bet either to pass or to be nasty. Other players now considered bidders must now match the shooter's bid and can then place additional bids. 


Any player who has anteed earlier may bet on the side or throw in to match the shooter.


That's over, it's finally time for the gunslinger to make his exit - the first roll of the game. 


If the come-out is a crap-out or a pass, the game ends, and bets are settled accordingly. 


If a point is rolled, all knockout bets are considered bets on whether the shooter will hit a 7-out. 


All passing bets placed will be converted into points bets. 


Understanding Dice Management

understanding dice

If you happen to be a shooter or are planning to become a shooter, it is extremely important to understand how to manage your bones. 


Players playing dice or shooting dice can get impatient and no one wants to be bored while the shooter is placing their dice - the sooner the better for everyone!


When learning to roll the dice, the habit of dice controllers to start with the number 3 on both dice is not mandatory, but an unspoken code among shooters so no one will suspect or think that you are controlling the dice.


In addition to the numbers you want to show, the dice can be arranged in diagonal lines that show three spots forming in the same direction. 


This takes some practice, so it's best to try it many times at home rather than mastering the art during a live gaming session.


When it comes to throwing the dice, you should hold the dice between your thumb and forefinger and then swing your hand in a pendulum motion before releasing the dice.


 The dice are thrown in an arc, and it is believed that the less rotation the dice make, the better. With that said, it's reasonable not to add rotations to the bones.


Both cubes should be close to each other as they approach the arc. Dice that move far apart are more likely to bounce in different directions when they land, indicating that you are a beginner among more experienced players.


Ideally, the bones should hit the back wall and bounce off the table or surface. It is not recommended that the dice bounce multiple times, and the perfect shooter will ensure that the dice hit the wall, bounce once on the table, and come to a halt with a bang.


Dice Game etiquette

The shooter always chooses the bet amount he wants to bet and has a choice of two betting options, i.e. pass or shit. The shooter must offer chances to other participants during the game.


This method will remain unchanged after all players have placed their bets on options opposite to the shooter's bet. 


The shooter has the option to reduce the bet amount if other participants cannot cover the selected starting bet. 


Once the shooter has rolled the dice, all bets must be stopped immediately.


Studying the Probability of getting a certain Number

As you master the art of dice, you will find that some numbers come up more often than others Of all the combinations of numbers, 7 is the most likely number to come up with a 17% chance that this number will come up - just unbelievable!


Out of the 36 possible roll combinations between two dice, there are six ways a shooter can roll a 2, which means you're likely to roll a 7 more often during your playing session. 


The next most popular numbers to be drawn are 6 and 8, with these numbers being achieved in 5 possible combinations by the sum of two dice. 

Interestingly, the least likely numbers to come up are 2 and 12.


Roll the Dice Correctly

We touched on dice control earlier, and this is so important that it needs to be repeated. 


As a shooter, you must know how to properly throw the dice and how they should hit the back wall. 


In Casino Craps, for example, the player must roll the dice so that they hit the back wall of the table, otherwise, this roll will not be counted.


The same principle applies to craps, so players who choose this street version are playing against a wall. 


When you hold your dice with both 3s vertically, they should resemble the shape of a V, which is commonly referred to as a "set" in the traditional version of the game. 


By showing other members that you are not doing any tricks to manipulate the outcome, it shows respect and transparency for all involved players.


Try not to throw the dice so hard that they bounce off the wall several times before settling. 


This can delay the game if the dice are flying in all directions and frustrate all players. 


A good technique is to smoothly toss the bones until they touch the surface before bouncing off the wall and settling quickly.


Also, while many players have their superstitions before rolling the dice, make sure you don't waste time making ridiculous moves with your lucky orientations, delaying the game in progress.


Shooters must bet big

When it comes to outdoor dice, the status quo is that the shooter is betting that he will pass and the other participants are betting that he will pass out. 


Since we have already discussed the likelihood of certain numbers coming up after your roll, a pass bet would be the best option given the odds of rolling 7. 


With that said, it makes more sense for a shooter to bet big on a pass bet. which is more likely to land. 


You should wait until you are a shooter to bet big with big chances of winning.


The difference between Dice and Craps in a Casino

Although Shooting Dice and Casino Craps are played in much the same way, there are slight differences between the two games.


Casino Craps has a table on the floor of the casino where you can bet. There is a banker or dealer at the table, who coordinates all bets, as well as the game itself. 


One of the main tasks of a banker or dealer is to focus on the bets placed, as this requires immediate attention.


Shooting Dice does not have a banker or dealer to coordinate bets or gameplay. No player takes on the role of a banker or a dealer. 


Also, there is no casino table here as this game is played on the street or sidewalk with a wall in the background. 


All players depend on this wall to roll the dice.


Final Thoughts

Shooting Dice, just like Casino Craps, is a great gambling game that allows you to have some fun outdoors with your friends. 


While playing at a crypto casino can be a lot of fun, sometimes it's great to take a break from online activities and have some fun in the great outdoors.


Be sure to practice your rolls and learn the rules so you don't bother other players with questions and questions in the middle of the game. 


While this may seem like an easy roll of the dice, it is a task that needs to be learned and practiced, especially when you roll two dice.


A great way to practice Shooting Dice is to play dice at famous crypto casinos like BC. Game getting familiar with the gameplay and betting patterns will go a long way in getting familiar with how to roll the dice. 


Ultimately, have fun and don't spend more than your budget allows. Good luck!