Roles And Skills Of Java Developers India

It does not sound good to say that Java is the best programming language for software development than other languages like PHP, C/C++, Python. Because each language has its own characteristics and importance which really depends on the requirements.

For example, PHP program contains a small number of program statements than that of Java. Small length programs are easier to debug and consume less memory. But, in spite of having large statements in the program, Java still compile the code at a faster speed. Hence, Java proves that it is better than PHP. Hence for the development of web applications, Java is the top choice of many Java developers India.

Another classic example is a comparison between C++ and Java. Java inherits the object oriented properties of C++. When the thing comes to execution speed, C++ executes code faster than Java. But, Java has the automatic garbage collection feature that C++ lacks. Garbage collection helps to save a lot of memory by discarding unused classes and functions in the program.

Because of Java’s mind blowing feature and efficiency, it’s been used in IT world for the development of application in different field such as- Android application, web application, computer software and in embedded devices too. This extensive use of Java is a strong reason in favor of obtaining a Java development certification. Because IT market is demanding developers who are expert in Java technology.


Role Of Java Developers

Java developers do not just write a code but they actually develop a foundation for the company’s success. Java developers always try to make improvement in order to produce application and services as per the requirements.

Java developers play vital role in the company where it involves jobs like database designing, mobile app designing, web-based application designing etc. there is a big difference between Java developer and Java programmer. A programmer has the ability to software code or a single program but developer design and implements software solutions. Developers should have to cover all the phases involved in Software Development Life-Cycle(SDLC).


Fields Where Java Developers Work

Java developers work in different fields of industries. The technology has made every field advanced. Today, almost every company has its web presence in order to be successful in the business. Hence, Java developers are in huge demand to fulfill the business and commercial requirements.

For example, popular coffee chain Starbucks company frequently hires software developers with Java skills. Mobile and desktop gaming is another field which hires certified Java developers.

Indian IT market has a large number of software projects that generally outsourced by foreign companies. Skilled Java developers play a vital role in obtaining these projects for their company. Indian companies choose intelligent candidates for this role and pay extra income as compared to other programmers.


Skills Of Java Developers

Java is the programming world which involves different tool, libraries, classes and framework. So having knowledge of how to code Java program is not sufficient. Java developers should be expert in using these tools and libraries.

Skills set of Java developer changes as per the requirement of the project. Because Java software development includes Java UI designing, web request handling, networking and database connectivity. Following are the different skills that Java developer should possess:


  • Core Java Concepts:


A good Java developer should be well experienced in core Java fundamental concepts. Because, if developer becomes expert in these concepts then only he/she can able to learn further Java concepts. Core Java concepts involve following thing:

  • Abstract classes and interfaces
  • OOPs concepts
  • File IO and serialization
  • Memory management
  • Exception handling, multithreading, constructors
  • Java Virtual Machine(JVM), exception handling, synchronization and more



  • Distributed Application Development


Distributed applications handle web requests between client and server. For this, developers require networking knowledge. If a company want to hire Java developers India for Java based web application, it should look for the following skills:

  • JSP/Servlets
  • Knowledge of protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, TCP/IP
  • Knowledge of web framework like Struts/Spring
  • Markup languages like XML and JSON



  • Java UI And Database Connectivity:


Best UI designing is an important part of every application development. And seamless data retrieval from back-end database server is also necessary for the effective working of the application. Following skills should Java developer possess for UI and Database designing:

  • Good knowledge of Applet and it’s various components which are used for UI designing
  • UI designing framework like Swing, SWT, AWT, JavaFX
  • For database connectivity- knowledge of SQL queries, Inner Outer Joins, Triggers and Cursor concepts


Number of companies are seeking for Java developers India. The demand for web-based application and Android application is huge. And companies are looking for developers who can prove their best efforts in designing robust applications and software. Developers with Java SE, Java ME and Java EE certifications are the top priority of many companies. With this qualification, developers are able to complete the project requirements within given timeframe and yield profits.