3 Places In New York Which Serve The Best Pizza


Pizza has become a worldwide delicacy. No matter where you go, you will always be able to find a pizzeria near you. However, if you really want to enjoy some delicious pizza, you need to know where to head out to. When you are in New York, you will get plenty of places serving pizza around you. If on the other hand, you need to experience the best pizza which New York has to offer, you should definitely head over to the 3 places which we will list below.

1. NY pizza suprema:

NY Pizza Suprema is situated in the shadow of Madison Square just outside Penn station. It uses family recipes in order to serve some delicious pizza since 1964. It also imports from Italy. All the toppings are completely fresh and tender and on classic New York crust which make the pizza much more crisp and delicious. That tossing exhibition behind the counter is a must watch as well. You just need to make sure that you are heading there early on the weekends as it can get pretty crowded.

2. Mushroom and onion at Lucali:

This restaurant is located in Carroll Gardens. Mark Iacono, the chef, converts pizza making into an art at this restaurant. All the ingredients including cheese are completely fresh. The onions as well as mushrooms are layered perfectly in order to ensure that it is not only delicious but also a visual treat as well. The essence of the other ingredients also makes their way to each and every bite which you have. If you’re looking for a perfect pizza, then this is the restaurant which you should definitely visit.

3. Juliana’s:

Juliana’s is located in Brooklyn Heights. You should definitely try the Special #1. It is prepared in a coal oven which is an added advantage. Not only, is the pizza made from best quality ingredients but also they are equally fresh as well. In addition to that, you will also get the classic tomato sauce along with the pizza. This ensures that you will be able to have some old school and delicious pizza when you’re heading over to this restaurant. It has got raving the reviews from the customers and that is why it is quite popular among the locals as well.

The next time around, you’re in New York instead of just trying the half dollar pizza slices, it is a much better idea to head over to any of these 3 restaurants. All these 3 restaurants serve some delicious pizza. You have to just take your pick between the 3 if you’re a pizza lover. Also, these are situated in different parts of the city which ensures that almost always; you will be able to find one of these restaurants nearby. This ensures that you are able to have some delicious pizza whenever you want in New York.

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