Replacing the Battery On Your iPod

Apple ipod is a great mp3 player, but it's the battery that
leaves the consumers a little concerned. The battery is in
a closed compartment and not end-user serviceable. Other
mp3 devices in the market have a more accessible battery
compartment, so if the battery runs out during a long trip,
it can be replaced easily. You can open the ipod battery
compartment by using a screwdriver but that will render
your warranty null and void. But this method doesn't allow
you to replace the battery during long trips. You can adopt
this method to change the battery of an aging iPod.
For those who want an extended life for their player,
they can shell out $100 to get the battery replaced from
the Apple factory, which may take a considerable time.

There is another way to replace your battery. For $50 or so
you can buy a new battery online (ebay). And put back life
once again into your cherished mp3 player. The catch is how
to replace it without damaging your mp3 player too much.

This method will slightly damage the exterior looks of your
ipod. But if these minor things do not affect you and you
are ready to take a challenge, then read on...

First thing to do is to get the correct ipod battery. Make
sure that the battery fits the bill and your model. You can
purchase the battery online through different search sites.
The best deal you may get is somewhere around $50.

After purchasing your battery the next step is to open the
ipod. This can be done safely by using a plastic device.
Many people have opened their ipods successfully by using
a plastic screwdriver or a guitar pick. The trick is to
pry up one edge of the pod, then slide the pick or blade
(don't PRY, slide) across the length to pop open the iPod.

Once you have achieved that, just pull out the battery.
The battery is a flat metal piece under the steel back
cover. It is attached with adhesive to the hard drive and
connected to the power port via a cable. All you need to
do is remove the battery and attach the new one. Then
carefully put the pieces back together and shut the unit
again. Charge the battery and enjoy a few more years ofyour Apple ipod.
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