Relationships on the Rebound – Should You?

The conventional wisdom has always been that after a painful breakup both you and your ex are going to be in a very fragile state, very vulnerable to the dangers of bad choices and hasty decisions. Amongst these is the temptation to embark on a rebound relationship.  Everybody has a view on this and most people seem to believe that relationships on the rebound are inherently bad.  But it all depends how you approach them.

If you go into one assuming this is going to be the answer to your dreams then you’re probably going to end up hurt because it’s the pain of the breakup that’s driving you, not your devotion to your new partner.

But a rebound relationship can really help restore your strength and confidence.  It can give you space to reconsider your priorities and think about how you’d like your life to be.  Of course it can be fun, which you certainly deserve after what you’ve been through.

Even if you’re still pining for your ex, getting back on the singles’ market is a great way of rediscovering your independence and maybe finding out, that as much as you love him, your ex isn’t and wasn’t the only thing in life.

From this new position of strength and self where you’ll feel empowered when the time is right to see about getting him back.  And the knowledge that you’ve been seeing someone else will concentrate his mind very powerfully on his memories of you and his hopes for the future.  If he still loves you, then his awareness of your seeming independence will make him all the more determined to get you back.

So in the most unlikely way, this often unadvised action might be the thing that brings back what you both want: being together and maybe even better than before.

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