Recovering And Rebounds - Is It Possible To Get Your Ex Back After A Rebound?

Rebound relationships are often very short. A rebound doesn’t mean that your ex is over you.


After applying the final touches to putting yourself back together for your ex, you step outside only to find your ex is in a budding relationship with someone else.  As discouraging as this appears, it’s not the end of the world.  It’s most likely that your ex is just in a rebound relationship as opposed to something more serious.  Unless marriage is already in the picture for your ex and his new special someone, it’s more probable that your ex is giving you a good sign that he’s ready to start dating again.  What he’s most likely doing is proving to him that he can stand again.

Reflecting upon yourself and your own situation is a good idea.  Just think about if you had gone on a few dates after your separation.  Your confidence level would have shot up and you would have been able get over your heartache.  Rebound relationships are often very short.  A rebound doesn’t mean that your ex is over you.  In fact, it might just mean he’s attempting to stop feeling as strongly about you as he still does.

Though getting over an ex isn’t always the reason for a rebound, that’s often the case. Many relationships have been repaired because of the rebound stage of a breakup.  Taking the opportunity to date other people after a breakup might just show you exactly how you feel about your ex and vice versa.  People fight, and sometimes those fights end badly and if your ex is dating someone else they’re likely to think back on the genuine aspects of the relationship the two of you shared together.

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