How To Recover hacked Yahoo Email Account? | Without Any Tech Support


Yahoo allows its webmail users to recover a forgotten or hacked account without asking for any technical assistance. You can request the verifying code to your registered email address or phone number by accessing the password retrieval page. We have come with the process of retrieving the lost password and presented it in 15 simple steps. If you follow these steps, you are likely to get your password back within a few minutes. So, Recover Hacked Yahoo Account right away

What are the steps of Recovering the Yahoo Account Password? 

  • Open Yahoo supported web browser and type Yahoo Recovery Sign In Helper in its browsing field and press the Enter key.
  • Visit the account password recovery page. 
  • Now you need to select the Recovery Option.
  • Enter anyon of the account recovery details to get the verification code.
  • Once you fill in the recovery details, a set of captcha characters will appear. 
  • You need to enter these characters in the blank box.
  • After that, You can get the verification code to your alternate email address or recovery phone number.
  • Yahoo administration will send a verification code to the specified.
  • Enter it and get the opportunity to set a new password.
  • Enter the new password twice. 
  • Save the changes.

Note:- If your recovery details have been changed then you immediately need to Contact the Yahoo Tech Support Team for additional assistance.

How do I make a secure password for my Yahoo account?  

Is your Yahoo account hacked and you are intended to make a strong password? Follow these tips and set a secure password that is easy enough to remember. We suggest making the use of Symbols, Numbers, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters in preparing the password. Try to make a password that is at least 8-characters-long. A password with mix-characters is considered a strong and reliable Yahoo password. Do not use your surname, your nickname, office name, phone number, school name, pet name, or any other thing known by your friends. These steps will keep the chances of getting hacked lower. You can avail more information about account security from the security officials of Yahoo who are highly skilled and sufficiently trained.