Rebound Relationships – He Has a New Girl in His Life

He’s already with someone else. Is that really the end? Should you walk away, beaten or should you dare to hope?


Your relationship ended badly.  You didn’t want it to happen but it did.  More than anything in the world you want to give it a second chance.  So first you go through the pain of adjusting to life without him and then you gradually feel yourself getting the strength to win him back.  But there’s a problem.  He’s already with someone else.  Is that really the end?  Should you walk away, beaten or should you dare to hope?

What he’s done is the classic response to a break-up – he’s met someone on the rebound and he’s trying to make it work.  But data suggests that the failure rate of rebound relationships is as high as 95%.  Why should that be?  In most cases, it’s not really a relationship at all.  His life has been pretty full until now but suddenly a great chasm has opened up and he’s staring into it, confused and lonely.  What he wants is something that feels like a real relationship because the lack of one is something he just can’t get used to.

You can still win him back. If it’s not real then gradually he’ll come to realize it.  More and more of his experiences with his new girl will remind him of all that was special about you and he’ll finally start to see that his feelings for you are as strong as ever.  Then maybe it will strike him that he took you for granted.  You were the best thing in his life and he never appreciated it.  Now the breakup and the place he finds himself in afterwards could all work to your advantage and make him want a second chance just as much as you do.

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