Rebound Relationship- Can I Still Get My Ex Back?

Can I still have a chance to get my ex back? What if my ex finds someone else? Is it too late? Should I just move on even though I’m still in love?


What do I do if my ex finds someone else? Is it too late for me to get my ex back?  Should I just move on even though I’m still in love? The answers to these questions are as follows:

Suppose if your ex finds someone else (especially during the rebound phase of a relationship breakup), it's likely he/she is just lonely and wanted someone to share their time with. The trial of being single is difficult because you’re used to having someone with you nearly all the time. When your ex is sitting at home alone, he/she is going to feel lonely. This can be a good thing because it means you filled a void when the two of you had been together.

It’s not necessarily too late if your ex is dating again. It’s likely your ex is just dating around trying to find someone suitable to his/her needs. If it looks like your ex is seriously dating someone, it may just be a rebound to fill the void left when you two broke up. It’s not too late if you play your cards right.

Be subtle but be around. Let your ex know you’re happy for him/her, but you can still show your ex what he/she is missing out on. A rebound relationship is often a good way for your ex to get some perspective back. However, if your ex is in a serious relationship again, you should be happy for your ex, isn’t he/she getting what you wanted in the first place: happiness? Only in cases of your ex being in a serious relationship should you move on. However, even if your ex’s new relationship isn’t to the serious point yet, you may want to know how your ex feels before secretly wishing you could ruin his/her new chances.

Take it easy and don’t let your ex’s need for a companion worry you so much. Focus on yourself and who you want to become and you might just become the person you were before when your ex first fell in love with you.

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