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Reality-networkers. Resurrection or Rip-off?

How many more times will we see Downline and MLM schemes rip us off?

On September 3rd 2006 the downline builder Reality-networkers.com went mysteriously off the air.

Why mysteriously? With 620,000 paying members at the time you would have thought a scheme of that size would have:

A. Backups of their database;and

B. Simple mirror sites or 404 page not found re-directs.

Nope. This thing went off the air to the calamitous sound of deafening silence. No mirror site with a message to members. No 404 re-directs with a message to members. No emails to members.

No nothing at all. Emails to all of their support and management addresses just bounced.

So, with 2,000 plus members below me, what did I do? Well I looked them up in WHOIS, got the contact phone numbers and then I called them up (in Canada).

Guess what? They answered the phone - but then they would not talk! After a few of these "silent listener" phone calls they took their phone off the hook and wouldn't take any calls!

Some of my downline members also emailed them and phoned them and got exactly the same "silent listener" then hang up treatment.

So we were all resigned to having done our money. I got back $40.00 from a $25.00 investment but my members were out of pocket so I was chasing up diligently on their behalf.

Then out of the blue, lightening strikes. On 16th September 2006 I saw a member's ad recruiting for Reality-networkers again. Driven by curiosity (and you know what THAT did to the cat!), I tried to log on to my Reality-networkers site.

Lo and behold - it worked! Wonders never cease.

Go to the "messages" section. Read the sad story. System TOTALLY DESTROYED by nasty, nasty hackers on September 3rd 2006.

Then the violins came out and sob-story followed. "We could have just shut down BUT we wanted to keep faith with our members so we bought a brand new server and got back on line again". (End of quote).

Well, lets just see about that, as you follow our tale of woe.

1. Two weeks to Install a new Server?

Let me preface my remarks by saying that I have been an IT professional for over 25 years. I build, sell and maintain servers and PC's for a living.

Any server that is backed up can be restored on new equipment and running within 24 hours (and theirs was, as evidenced by all the members records still being there when they eventually came back on line after two weeks).

So what took two weeks? You don't need a huge server to maintain a database of only 620,000 members. So any off-the-shelf Dell, IBM, Compaq, HP or Intel server would do the trick.

So the plot began to thicken.

2. Where are their responses to Members emails?

Here is the next clue. After the miraculous "recovery" on September 16th 2006 the internal email addresses to their support staff were still bouncing.

So in there "message" section they said "No worries, just email us at these temporary email addresses:


Well, here we go again. Many members, and myself, dutifully sent our requests to the alleged "temporary email addresses".

Guess what again? Another big black hole out there in cyber-space. "No reply" was the deafening response.

OK. We better round up the usual suspects Bogey. The plot thickens by the hour.

Read on.

3. OK. Internal emails are back. Any response?

After about a week on the so-called "temporary email addresses" (that no one ever answered) their "message" section deleted the reference to the temporary email addresses and internal emails to:


stopped bouncing.

Eureka! Now SURELY they will receive and anser emails - won't they?

Sadly, we were mistaken again. I have a log and copies of all my emails (12 since September 30th 2006 to October 14th 2006) and not one has been answered - by any of the above addressees.

Mind you, they don't bounce. They just conveniently disappear. All of my downline members have had the same (lack of) results.

Time to call in Sherlock Holmes, Mickey Spillane and Colombo. We need a great detective to solve this case.

Looks like the black hole has morphed into a quasar.

4. Are Requests for Member Changes Actioned Now?

Here's the thing. Since September 16th 2006 I have sent Reality-networkers 12 messages (from myself and other members) requesting various member changes and actions.

Oops! Nothing has happened. I wonder why?

Calling Hercule Poroit? I think we may need a French detective on this one.

5. So who ARE they talking to NOW?

Well look out suckers! They have this marvellous competiton that only pays "alleged" huge prizes TO NEW MEMBERS ONLY.

A $50,000 carrot to "suck in" some more suckers? Why else would you offer prizes to new members only? What about the 620,000 existing loyal members? What do they get? Nothing, thats what.

How silly of me. THEY cannot pay any more money, so why worry about them?

Time to call in the RCMP and the FBI, methinks.


Well there you have it. Bait for new paying members? No money for or communication with 620,000 existing members? A mysterious 2 week disappearing act with a feeble excuse?

The evidence seems compelling, but you be the judge. The jury is out but I don't think the existing members will see a red cent.

Ever heard of 12 Daily Pro? Wish you hadn't? Or PAS? Call in Judge Judy and DA Elliot Spitzer, becasue Reality-networkers is the NEXT 12DP waiting to happen.



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(c) Copyright 2006 By Allan Barker - Alphatech5.com

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Author: Allan Barker