Reach Out and Get Your Ex Back

If you’ve survived the breakup and you’re serious about getting your ex-boyfriend back then one of the best strategies is to take the gradual approach, which means re-establishing the kind of bonds that can ultimately lead you back to intimacy.

What I’m suggesting isn’t as crude as flirting but it does have some things in common.  It’s all a matter of sending signals and behaving in ways that are compatible with a close relationship and, therefore, start to suggest a natural progression.  Don’t do anything obvious and certainly don’t go too far too quickly.  Concentrate on small touches, words and looks.  These will usually be welcome, simply because they’re warm, well meaning and harmless. They express tenderness without intensity so at this point in your damaged relationship they feel safe.

For example, if you were to arrange to meet for lunch, just to talk things over, to see how you’re both doing, you might find opportunities to squeeze his hand in response to something he says or give him a playful punch on the arm for a teasing comment he makes.  If he gets some food on his chin you could even reach across – casual at all times – and wipe it away as if it were the most natural thing in the world, the act of someone who cares.

The more you both get used to these small gestures, the more it will feel as if your relationship is naturally resurrecting itself.  These links, once re-established, should eventually convince him that getting back together is a pretty good idea after all.  And then your work is at least half done.

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