This is a holding blurb until I get around to finish the main site, meantime, here's a preview of it.

UPDATE: I've added 'LOCAL AIRSPACE' to selected geo-fenced nodes. Good tool for monitoring the skies above a major incident.

UPDATE2: I've just added 'Personality Profiling' - its NOT based on my opinion. All the Traits are calculated using an IBM WATSON algorithym. Here's what #iAWACS churned out during tonights GOP Debate on TRUMP. Anyone can profile anyone else (including me) using the left hand user search and also the one click 'GEOLOC & PROFILE' link on the right hand stream. The original idea was... Active Shooter on the loose - determine whether he wants to go out in flames or negotiate based on profiling his 'distemper' from his Social Media posts, real quick. However I think it's a good tool across the board.

Where I'm at

I've currently deployed 6 different nodes, and have recently added target user local IP/ISP resolution, 3D helicopter view flyby visualization, and for selected nodes live local EMT/LEA audio.

  • - FIREHOSE - Unfiltered and sucks up everything - THIS ONE IS INTENSE!  Beware the images tab! >> http://bit.ly/1PooTl
  • - DRONEBAIT - Listens out just for Jihadi Chatter - Access it right here >> http://bit.ly/1lA9tfQ
  • - ACTIVESHOOTER - Listening for Active Shooter situations - Access it right here >> http://bit.ly/1Lzy7V8
  • - TRENDINGUSA - Tracks the current US trending Topic. - Access it right here >> http://bit.ly/1Poqc3W


  • - MAJOR INCIDENT - This node activates when there is a major incident in progress and has local EMT audio >> http://bit.ly/1PAab4O
  • - DEMO NODE - Demo node listening for NYPD tweets, LIVE NYPD AUDIO & NYC Airspace Monitoring>> http://bit.ly/20TXfNb


The idea is realtime - 'Signal Intelligence for Social Media'. Could be pretty handy when there's major incidents or natural disasters, also obviously zeroing into online jihadis. Still a work in progress.


Here's a screenshot of the DRONEBAIT version snagging a homegrown Jihadi outta Indiana. The GEO footprint shows he travels frequently between Indianapolis and Lafayette >> RIGHT HERE

I'm also working on the wrapper site to combine this altogther. It's coming along >> Screenshot