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In today’s life span Raipur is known for the most convenience life most of the companies are there and Raipur is the hub of it as well as escort business. At present, our young generation always seeks for fun and joyful life. That’s why agency known for that fun and joy are. The young generation has the most prominent reason to have fun with escorts. In these days the dealing with customers increased extremely high. Our 99% of customer are repeating and well satisfied with our services. We provide different types of services as customer needed. The services which we provide: – in house services, hotel services, full night services

Now let me introduced myself, I am Hitesh from Jammu I am employee at HCL in Raipur. I had been working here from last 5 year. One day I was sitting in a club with my office mate in Raipur. The crowd of the club was amazing. I sat down on the table and ordered a tequila shots after few minutes I saw a girl in a blue dress. I can’t take off eyes to her, after few minutes she also started noticing me. So I act like ignoring her, she came to me and sit beside me with a smile. Then I asked her for a drink, she agreed. After having a drink and some of conversation, she asked me for dance, I agreed.

We danced together, slowly she came near me and kissed me, I was shocked and feel amazing at that time. I was apparently shocked when she asked me to take her out. I stayed clamed and then I got to know that she was an escort working for Raipur agency and I take her along with me and for that I have to take permission with the agency.

I immediately called the Raipur escorts agency and take the permission to take her along with me at my place. They agreed and give the permission to take her along with me .I took her with me to my room. we reached at my room while entering the room I started kissing her, I put my hand towards her breast, slowly I start pressing it, then she start moaning slowly we entered in my bedroom and  I put her on my bed. She removed all my clothes and I removed her too. Now we both were naked, and she gave me a blowjob, that time I was feel like heaven.

After that I saw she was excited, so I started fucking her, she was moaning so gracefully that I couldn’t control it. I fucked her hard that night. Then I finished. We both were lying on bed and had talk with each other. I took her personal number so that I can contact her anytime to please me. So friends if you also want the same pleasure for yourself to entertain just give a call to Raipur escorts service, they always ready to please you anytime any cost.

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