Learn how to Import banking transactions into QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software with advanced features. It helps small and medium-size business organization to manage their company accounts digitally. There are several multi-features that QuickBooks offers, and one of them is import banking transactions into QuickBooks.


This article is about how to import bank feeds into QuickBooks. Undoubtedly, this is a very easy feature of QuickBooks and you can learn it in the blink of an eye once you are on the right platform. We recommend you to read the whole article to know about importing bank transactions into QuickBooks. If you encounter any issue, feel free to ping us at our toll-free number (800)-579-9430, our experts’ team members are always ready to guide you with the process. You can also visit our website to grasp more information regarding QuickBooks. Also, Read Article :-  How To Connect Bank Accounts to QuickBooks


Importance of QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds.

This feature is important but one key benefit is it saves a lot of time by automatically downloading your bank transactions in QuickBooks. Bank transactions are imported in QuickBooks through the Bank Feed feature which serves two purposes one is reconciliation and the second is facilitating data entry.

• It enables you to reconcile your business bookkeeping to your bank records in real-time.
• It saves extra time and effort.


Process of how to Import Bank feeds in QuickBooks online

You must have your banking user id and password to import bank feed in QuickBooks online. Go through a step-by-step guide to know the complete process of importing bank transactions in QuickBooks.
• Go to your QuickBooks, click on banking.
• Locate your bank institution by typing your bank name in the search box.
• Now a login screen will open, you must enter your bank id and password to access.
• You will see a list of accounts with the current balance amount, now you have to choose the account you want to import into QuickBooks Online.
• Once you have selected the account, then provide all the information which is prompted, like, bank type, descriptions, account name, etc.
• Once you have entered information’s in all the five fields, then click on the Save & Close button.
• Now, choose the right date range and remember that the maximum number of transactions that will download is 90 days
• Finally, click on the Connect button.
• Once you have clicked on the Connect button, all the transactions will be downloaded into QuickBooks and remember that there is no undo button.
• Now review your downloaded transaction in the banking center.


The process to Import Bank Transactions into QuickBooks Online with a CSV File (Manually)

• Open your QuickBooks, go on Banking Section.
• Now select File Upload from the drop-down arrow near the Update button.
• You must click on Browse to locate the file you want to upload.
• Now select the QuickBooks account you want to link to this bank account from the drop-down list.
• Further, map the QuickBooks Online Download Fields to Your Bank Account Fields.
• Now you must select the banking transactions to import in QuickBooks Online.
• Once you have selected, confirm the transactions you want to import in QuickBooks Online.
• The moment your transactions will be downloaded, you will get a notification “Next step: Accept your transactions”.
• Finally, you can review the imported transaction in the banking center.


Want to Know about Error in exporting banking transactions

If you have followed all the above steps and still not able to import your file there are few points which you must check.

• Make sure you have chosen the correct column in the mapping stage.
• Invalid Date Error (This occurs when CSV has previously opened in Excel, as it may automatically change the date format).
• Data is Malformed (This means the file is incorrectly formatted).
• No transaction to import (This occurs due to overlapping transactions).
• The import file is Corrupt.


The End line

QuickBooks holds a variety of special features at one platform. This is the best, safe, and secure software for all the business organizations to achieve their business accountancy goal. It helps to manage all the business transactions digitally.

In this article, we have discussed how to import banking transactions into QuickBooks, the importance of QuickBooks online bank feeds, and the errors in exporting banking transactions. Hopefully, your doubt related to this article is cleared. In case you face any problem, feel free to contact us at our toll-free number (800)-579-943. Our experts’ team members are always ready to guide you, to know more about QuickBooks you can visit our website also.


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