Project VSAP Doccumentation

JAM HACKS V: COVID19 Vaccine Spotter And Passport Doccumentation


This project will be based off off a web-app which will (currently), have two main features. A Vaccination area Spotter and a Vaccine Passport. The vaccination area spotter will be a Maps Applet which will work with an API made to log all possible places you can get vaccinated in the US. This will be a seperate page. The Vaccine Passport is a way to log/store ID's to help easily identify vaccinated citizens and create a simple method to alliviate checks for being vaccinated. These will be created using a unique ID as well as converted into a QR code with more security measures to come.  Due to time constraints, these will be the 2 main features we will be focusing on (as well as creating the website). 


  • Yair Korokhov
  • Michael Kougang
  • David Zheng
  • Katelyn Shah    


Github Repository: 


Devpost Page:


Initial Brainstorming Diagram:
  • Red: Core Ideas
  • Green:  Features/Methods
  • Blue: Improbable ideas (due to time constraint) 
  • Stickys: Explanation for Ideas


To Do List:
(This to-do list has all POSSIBLE features to work on within the 24 hour period. All extra features that probably won't be incorporated at this moment but ARE possible to implement will be underlined)
  • Create Cockroach SQL Database and users to connect
  • Create API link between COVID-19 Vaccination Facilities and the Database
  • Prepare basic Flask template as well as begin styling layout of our website
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Flask
  • Python
  • Find a platform to encode GEOJSON files to a map of the US and create an embed for webapp
  • Create ID system for identifing certain users with a unique ID
  • Incorporate that ID system into a readable QR code schematic for ease of scanning
  • Make an in-website QR code Reader + Analizer (PyQR)
  • Create designs/visuals for the project and its name
  • Create a Dashboard with general COVID-19 Statistics
  • Add widgets to our website for more statistics and tools
  • Create Password Hashing and secure login system
  • Create a blockchain style logging system to document any change done to the SQL database (Info gets added, deleted, etc.)
  • Push the website to heroku or an online framework



  • 2021/5/19: Planning Phase
  • Team has been formated, Discord group has been created and discussion for the topic has begun. Starting off, each one of us has experience in Python programming, and we plan to use that to create our project. No Idea has been come up yet, just a brainstorm of  what topic we want to do. We all list our introductions and find our strengths and weaknesses to try and create a project we can all work on and maximise our potential.


  • 2021/5/20: Planning Phase
  • Idea has been come up, we all get to work creating a brainstorming diagram to put out as many possible ideas/features we can to maximize the potential of this project. We work on creating a workflow which will be organized and effective.  It is decided that we are going to be creating a web-app with Javascript, Python and Flask; a micro web framework. We plan on having 2 main features, a finding page to help find nearby places to get vaccinated using a US vaccination places API and the Google Maps framwork to create an Applet. The other feature is to create a QR code based logging/tracking system to make a "Passport" for when you completed covid vaccination. The current system for this is in development and an exact way to store/generate these credential is in the works.


  • 2021/5/21: Planning Phase
  • Focused on preparing and gaining experience on the techs we will be using through the hackathon. Many of us are learning about how to create a web application using Python and Flask. We further discuss the main features of our app and as to how our web app will interact with CockroachDB to store user data. For the map creation, we are also using a separate app utility to visualize pinpoint data of where the COVID vaccines are. This will be on our webapp and will be connected to the US Government's API and update once every hour to new places to get the COVID vaccines. It will also show the availibility of the vaccines and new strains.


  • 2021/5/22 11AM-12PM:  
  • Everyone came online, got together, attended opening ceremony, and assigned tasks for everyone to do for the project. We attended the first workshop during 12PM. 



  • 2021/5/22 12-1PM:
  • Stayed in call, made sure SQL database works for everyone, working on design for logo.


  • 2021/5/22 1-2PM: 
  • Cleaned up the UI from the template, working on SQL formatting.The sign-in/log-in page, along with an individualized ID has been created. QR codes and the data base are currently being created and updated.


  • 2021/5/22 2-3PM: 
  • Working on map. QR codes are still being worked on to store and manage each user's vaccination data. Research for global and national statistics has been started (to be added into the "Dashboard" tab for relevant COVID-19 information).


  • 2021/5/22 3-4PM:
  • Finished logo, continuing to update dashboard, continuing to configure the SQL database for QR code reading and identifying. Implemented password hashing to the login system. Relevant statistics have been found.


  • 2021/5/22 4-5PM: 
  • Updated logo and overall design of website to a more user-friendly version, created base source files for the designs and implemented the design pages into the website with the new logo, colour scheme and layout as well as updated the images for the website, the Devpost and the Github.
  • We have also been finishing creating a lookup table to store vaccine lookups and IDs. This turned out to be a lot harder than it looked to be because we had to create a new API and a custom database from where we are importing and exporting data from our webapp. We are going to be creating new rounds in our table using python and its SQL modules and exporting them and converting them into QR codes for other consumers to read and identify information from it. This is definitely going to be one of the harder parts of the project as there is more work and there can be no mistakes.


  • 2021/5/22 5-6PM:


  • 2021/5/22 6-7PM:
  • Encountered another connection issue to the SQL database, and the vaccine database can not grab IDs properly because it refuses to make a connection. We met up with mentor Eric and told him about problems, and we are waiting for help with these. For the vaccine spotter, we have added popups to the map and more information from the api such as address, provider name, store ID, provider ID, types of vaccinations they carry, vaccination availability, and the last time the data was updated.


  • 2021/5/22 7-8PM: 
  • Break time for dinner and stretching (It's going to be a looong night)


  • 2021/5/22 8-9PM: 
  • Relaxed, attended the panel for pursuing careers in technology. Also we had the idea to create a tool utility with different types of widgets. We also encountered a problem with SQL and passport working together. We are talking with a mentor to resolve this issue. 


  • 2021/5/22 9-10PM:
  • Another break, getting ready to pull the all nighter.


  • 2021/5/22 10-11PM: 
  • Participated in Minecraft Building event. Also fixed errors with SQL connecting to the DB and continuing on creating unique identifiers for QR code. Also added more and less laggy widgets to the utilities pannel. Started reasearching last resort option in case QR code doesn't work come tomorrow.


  • 2021/5/23 2PM-3AM:
  • Working on saving person vaccination data with an account by editing profile.


  • 2021/5/23 3PM-6AM:
  • Participated in bed time stories activity as well as continued on saving person vaccination data. Some members stayed until bed time stories and Minecraft tournament and then we all went to sleep to wake up well tommorow. The project has been completed, and now it's time to work on a script and a meaningfull presentation.


  • 2021/5/23 6AM-7AM:
  • The entire team commuted here back again and we're in voice chat discussing our presentation, a proper script is going to be created and we will be doing a seperate live and recorded filming.


  • 2021/5/23 7AM-8AM:
  • Filming is Occuring, we are on the road to submiting our final project, final preparations are occuring and we're all pushing our code out and making sure there are no errors/things left behind.
  • Unfortunatley, we have decided not to upload our code to Heroku or PythonAnywhere as it would take away valuble time from practicing our presenting and we would rather polish that instead.


  • 2021/5/23 9AM-12AM:
  • Filming is done, all we are doing now is practicing our script and relaxing for the big presentation. Hopes are high and the log ends here. See you all there :)