What Is Progressive Web App Development and Why You Should Consider Investing?

Progressive web apps are built with advanced technology capabilities and follow the best design patterns to deliver native-app live experiences to users, both on the web and mobile. So, the question arises, whether progressive web apps are a better version of web apps or something new?  


PWAs are developed to enhance web app performance, specifically on mobile devices. They are replacing traditional web apps by delivering faster app load times, intensify app performance even in low network latency, offline capabilities, and much more.


Let’s talk numbers. 


A user spends an average of 188.6 minutes in native apps and only 9.3 minutes on the mobile web. (Source: medium). However, with progressive web app development, you can deliver a better user experience, as it boots quickly than websites. In addition, instead of typing URL in the web browser, users can access PWA by tapping an app’s icon on the home screen. 


According to Forbes, progressive Web App’s homepage loads in just 0.8 seconds. Several Fortune 500 companies like Twitter, Trivago, and Pinterest have increased their goals with PWA.  


Why Should You Invest In Progressive Web Apps?  

  • Boosts Engagement & Conversion Rates  

The primary reason to switch to PWA is that they can seamlessly interact with your user base that increases the overall; engagement rate by 137%. Moreover, features like cached resources, web push notifications, and offline browsing, encourages users to spend more time on your brand that ultimately increases conversion rates. PWA can increase boost your engagement metrics than before. 


  • Lower Development Cost 

PWA runs swiftly on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones from a single code base. Switching to PWAs means you no longer have to build separate apps for Android and iOS. It not only saves development time but also development efforts. 


Don’t Overpay, here is a quick estimate for PWA App Development Cost 


What is the price of developing a PWA? It is one of the frequently answered questions. When creating PWA applications, the cost is dependent on several factors. The functionality, styling, design and development hours.  

Regional hourly PWA development rates: 

  • USA and Canada based developers - $60 to $150 per hour 
  • Australian developers - $50-120 per hour 
  • South American PWA development - $20 to $110 
  • UK PWA developers - $40 to $160 / hour 
  • Developers in India - $10-75 
  • In Indonesia, the highest cost is $20 an hour 

Hire a reliable progressive web app development company that can guide you throughout the process. In addition, these companies also offer a cost calculator tool that allows you to get quick estimates for your PWA app.  The average cost of building a PWA ranges from $10,000 to $40,000. 



Undoubtedly, many businesses are benefitted from the use of PWA. Gartner predicts PWAs will replace 50% of mobile applications in the coming years. If you want to develop a PWA, you can hire experienced PWA developers who can build intuitive and robust web applications within strict deadlines.