Premature Ejaculation a Warm Up to Great Sex

So what if some guys have trouble holding their load? There are millions of men each day that suffer from rapid or Premature Ejaculation (PE), and if your one of them its time to quit your crying and do something about it. The first step to a resolution is to admit you have a problem.

After a wonderful evening with the woman of your dreams, it?s time to head back to your place. Afraid to ?blow? your chances with this beauty, you grab a bottle of wine in an attempt to distract her. Maybe she won?t notice your little issue and hopefully she will give you a chance for a second date. Oh no! Your plan didn?t work; she?s ready for action. Before removing her panties, you have already climaxed and are too embarrassed to move. In a panic, you pretend you don?t want to go any further, hoping she didn?t notice. There?s no need to be humiliated, tell her your situation and let her know that she?s not being rejected.

If you are sexually attracted to another, sexual arousal is natural and not something to be ashamed of. Inform your partner that you are prone to PE. Talk it over, just because you shot one load does not mean there is not another one waiting to take its place. Let your mate know that the thought of her gets you very aroused so you need to slow down and enjoy foreplay. It is a rare woman that wouldn?t like the oven preheated and wants that extra foreplay. With a bit of extra stimulation it doesn?t take long for most men to once again become aroused. Talking openly can bring you both, mentally and physically closer to each other. If this is someone you care about and want to have a relationship with, then they should understand your needs and work with you for after all you are a team.

There are a few ways to help build stamina and learn ejaculatory control. It is said that a lot of men ejaculate prematurely due to their youth. Your masturbation during youth may have had to be quick in an attempt to avoid being caught by parents, siblings and the family dog. Since masturbation was rushed, it is quite possible that one would be conditioned to getting it off fast and has remained that way. Now is the time to break that habit and develop some new ones. First though it is helpful to understand the phases of sexual response as you get on the road to recovery.

Masters and Johnson found that the physiological reaction to male and female sexual stimulus could best be described by dividing the cycles of sexual response into four separate phases ? Excitement, Plateau, Orgasmic and Resolution. The male will almost always pass through all four of these phases. The Excitement Phase develops from any source of physical or mental stimulation and at this time the erection will begin and breathing start to become heavier. In the Plateau Phase the arousal is continued and the erection hard and firm as you feel highly aroused. For the male, the Orgasmic Phase is experienced at the time of ejaculation. During the Resolution Phase breathing returns to normal and the erection subsides.

Your goal is to delay the Orgasmic Phase (ejaculation) and that can be done with a bit of practice. When masturbating, try to pace yourself. Every time you feel like you?re about to climax, stop and wait 30 seconds. It will be extremely annoying at first, but try to do this for as long as you can. Whenever you masturbate, try and outlast your previous time. Keep track of how often you?re able to stop yourself. This can work with a mate as well.

You and your partner can practice different techniques to help condition you. Oral sex can be a good way to kick off the night. Since oral is not as intense as penetration, one can easily lie back and enjoy the show. This act will allow you to focus on holding back instead of thrusting. If the urge to ejaculate arrives make your mate aware. This should tell your mate to stop. If you feel the need to release, do so, but try not to force the orgasm. If you avoid a heavy orgasm your penis won?t become as soft and sensitive. In doing so, you should be able to keep going. This is when you take the time to pleasure your mate while keeping yourself aroused and ready to go. Foreplay is very important in a relationship and this is a great way to get the party started. When your mate?s oven is finished preheating, try having intercourse.

During intercourse, try and pace yourself. Lay back and have your mate ride you for a bit. If you have the urge to climax, signal your mate to be still. This is a great way to tease each other while extending your fun. Often, a girl will get extremely wet just sitting on your penis anticipating the thrust. When she least expects it, open fire with an abundance of thrusts. This technique may cause you to climax, but it?s guaranteed to put a permanent smile on her face.

Just remember you are not alone. Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual complaint among men. Through practice, slowing down and learning how to control your ejaculation your orgasms will become greater as will your mates and she will hardly be able to wait for that next lovemaking session.


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Author: Terrance Lile (Uncle Terry)