Possible Advanced Sivilizations During the Last Ice Age

The species Homo sapiens has all the time had the same intelligence and possibly inventiveness. Ones should thererfore expect a constant rate of cultural development from ca 10000 years ago or before, when our species appeared.

This might really be the case and then most of the evolved culture might have disappeared during the catastrophy of the melting of the ice when the ice age ended

We know very little about the history of humans during most of the time since the species Hono sapiens evolved. Most of this time, there was ice age that made much of the continents inhabitable.

But there were also dry land around the continents at places now under water, that could give rise to sivilizations.

Since the interior of the continents mostly were covered by ice, and since the population probably still was small on Earth, there was little need for these sivlization to occupy the inner territories of the continents.

The melting of the ice when the ice age ended must have been disasteruous for such sivilizations, since most of their territories were lost and the rest probably badly disturbed.
The civilizations must therefore mostly have been destroyed and the humanity must have been forced to begin the development anew.

There are in fact massive formations under water that could be remains of buildings belonging to such sivilizations, found around all the southern parts of all continents.There are also ruins of very old massive buildings constructed very accurately in south America and Asia minor, pointing to knowledge of advanced building techmiques.

Also early cultures, such as the ancient Egyptian, had even from the earliest time knowledge pointing back to an earlier source, of which the ability to build pyramids and other massive buildings is an example. The widespread cultural fenomenon of pyramid building on all continents point to an earlier source.

Also myths found in most cultures around the World point to existance of a flourishing sivilization during the ice age, which succumbed in a catastrophy of which the best known is the Atlantis myth.


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