Possible Advanced Life on Earth More Than One Billion Years Ago

Life Before Ice Ball Earth and a long time before the Cambrianl period might have been Advanced, in spite of what is commonly thought.


The life began on earh ca 3.5 billion years ago. The common thought is that nothing but primitive organisms existed before 800 million years ago, where a rapid evolution began.

Just before that precambrial evolutionary explotion, Earth had gone through a catastrophic period of freeze, where the whole globe was covered by an ice sheet, and where only primitive organisms could have survived.

It is also commonly thought that nothing other life than primitive microorganisms existed before the ice ball period of earth, and that higher orrganisms began to develop firstly by the Ediacaran period after the ice had melted.

That asumption might be wrong. Possibly a full evolution resulting in a biosphere with advanced multicellular creatures occurred durimg the first 3 billion years of the history of Earth, but then creatures very different from those existing later.

But the impact from the ice killed most of it, except for microorganisms, and also fosils of higher organisms was probably destroyed. And much of that not destroyed by the ice, was destroyed by common chemical and physical corrotion happening all the time since then, simply because the time span was so large that these simple processes got enough time to do their wiork.

Still some fosils of advanced organisms from that early period might exist, but because the creatures were so different and the fossils might be highly deformed, they are possibly not understood as such. And if some scientists have found such fosils and interpreted them, his findings might mot have gotten publicity because they contradict common thought about the evolution too much.

The reason I think this way, is simply because it sounds improbable that the evolution nearly stood still in 3 billion years and then suddenly took an immense speed, as we are told.

Scientists try to explain the slow evolutionaty path by an assumption that an etmosphere rich of oxygen was necessary for the development of complex organisms. This is only an assumpton with no proof. Also there were photosytetisizing organisms from an early time, so there was probably enough oxygen in the atmosohere from early on too.

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