Are Poker HUDs Allowed on PokerStars

There are many online poker rooms where you can play poker legally but the biggest and most popular without any doubt is PokerStars. One of the questions a lot of new players ask when they join is if PokerStars allows the use of poker HUDs.


What is a poker HUD

A poker HUD is a third party app that shows a number of different stats that are supposed to help you play better. Poker HUDs are a controversial topic in the poker World and some websites are not allowing players to use them. This is not the case with PokerStars - PokerStars has a clear policy what is and what is not allowed and poker HUD trackers are indeed acceptable as long as they are featured on their approved list



After playing poker for over 11 years and testing most of the approved HUDs I think that at the moment the best PokerStars HUD is Hand2Note . They offer a free plan for lower stakes and a paid one for more advanced players playing bigger stakes. There are other HUDs you can try but for the money, the easiness of use and the most features are with Hand2Note. It's a free download and anyone can check it out at no cost at all.



About The Beautiful Yet Cruel Game of Poker

Card games have come in many forms and varieties yet there is one that is famous anywhere one goes, and almost anyone knows how to play. Of course, the answer is poker.

Poker is all about card combinations in the player's hands. When we play poker, we are gambling on the combination of cards in our hands and hoping it's higher than all the other players', to win the pot money. Despite the many variations when we play poker, the game follows a similar pattern of play and combinations can be formed from concealed cards and community cards.

When we play poker, we think of the Persians and their game called as nas. How this game spread around the world could be attributed to the Persian sailors who brought it with them and taught it to the settlers of New Orleans. But then again, this is a matter of debate. The game could have descended from the French or the Germans. Poker was initially played with just twenty cards and four players. The variants were introduced during the American Civil War wherein the full 52 cards were used when they play poker. During the 1970s there were a series of developments that increased poker's popularity but it wasn't until the 21st century when online play poker was introduced did this game experience an all time high when it comes to popularity.

When we play poker, the dealer first shuffles the cards and gives out the required number to the players depending on the number of people playing. After the first deal, betting begins and excitement kicks in once additional cards are dealt to the players. This is when the combinations come out. Anytime during a round when we play poker and player bets, the others chose between a fold, raise or call. When we play poker, call means to match the bet. When no one matches the bet, the hand quickly ends and whoever called for the bet is awarded the pot money. When this happens, no player is required to show their cards and a new game begins.

If no player wants to make a bet, this is what we call check, and the next card is dealt. The ultimate goal when we play poker is to win the pot money without showing one's card combinations. This is done through bluffing. Bluffing is when one player can make the others believe that he has a dominant hand, or the best possible combination so they will all fold. The bluffer then gets the pot money.

Poker's popularity has grown immensely over the years. Whether it's for casual play while over at a friend's house or at a get together, or for a tournament with stakes at hand, this game is sure to while the time without one noticing it. When we play poker, we get caught in the excitement of bluffing, all for the fun, and of course, the pot money.


In Conclusion

Poker is a wonderful game and PokerStars is by all means the place to play it online. When you join PokerStars it is up to you whether or not you will use a poker HUD - HUDs are allowed on PokerStars as long as they are mentioned on the approved list. There are many options available but IMHO you should give Hand2Note a try since it's free and easy to use.