7 ways to always make your wife happy even though you have an undying love for pokerqq games

Let’s be honest. Managing your married life with your love life for pokerqq games can be a real challenge. But you have to face this challenge. You have to face the gruesome reality and work on striking a balance if you want to save your marriage and also continue enjoying playing your favorite games.

Here are 7 ways that we talk about in this article below that will help you to keep your wife happy even though your true love is the ultimate pokerqq games.

  1. You make time for your wife

Make sure that your wife gets the major part of your time. At least make her feel like she is getting all your valuable time and you are making the effort to put her on top of your list.


  1. You don’t say no to her

Never say no to your wife. Whether it is for the sake of your gameplay or anything else in life – always stand by the golden rule to never say no to your wife. Making women happy in general always equals to pleasing her with a yes.

  1. You take her out every week once at least

It is important that you take your wife out on a date night every single week at least once. More than once is great too but at least once a week will give her the notion that you are making efforts to make her happy and thinking about her.

  1. You shower her with gifts

Shower your wife with gifts. Buying her gifts is a way to shower her with admiration and affection. Every woman loves an occasional gift.

  1. You play only after she goes to bed

Play your favorite pokerqq game only when your wife goes to bed. Never play whilst she is awake in bed next to you. Wait for her to doze off before you tuck her in bed and then enjoy your games.

  1. Arrange surprise getaway trips for her with her friends

Surprise your wife with an all-girls or family trips or getaways. Surprising her with such trips will make her feel loved whilst at the same time give you the freedom to stay at home and play as much as you wish.

  1. Encourage her to engage in outdoor activities

If you want to play your favorite pokerqq games, encourage your wife to step out of the house more. Help her find an outdoor activity that keeps her busy too. This will eventually make space for you to engage in your favorite games.