Dr Howard Marans MD: Who is the Best Doctor For Carpal Tunnel in Orange County?


Carpal tunnel affects thousands of people each year. Repetitive hand motion is the leading cause for carpal tunnel syndrome. Sufferers will experience pain, weakness, and numbness in the hands and wrists. The symptoms can greatly limit movement creating a negative impact on daily activities. As the symptoms progress, searching for the best doctor for carpal tunnel should be a priority.


The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome vary with each individual. If at any point the symptoms include loss of feeling in the arm, medical attention should be sought immediately. Various other symptoms are an indicator that it’s time to find a doctor for carpal tunnel.

  • A slow progression of loss of feeling in hands or fingers
  • The inability to pinch the thumb and index finger together
  • A limited range of motion in the thumb, including the lack of strength
  • Pain in the hands and wrists which can lead to limitation in daily work and normal activities
  • The patient will accidentally start dropping objects due to lack of feeling in the hand and wrist

Best Doctor for Carpal Tunnel

Only a specialized health care professional can diagnose a person with carpal tunnel. Finding the best doctor for carpal tunnel syndrome may require research.

  • Ask for referrals from family members and friends. Carpal tunnel is a common ailment. While gathering names, one well-qualified doctor will be mentioned frequently.
  • Look for a doctor who has experience in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. An experienced doctor will have a well-established, consistent practice.
  • Search for reviews. Highly qualified doctors will have positive online reviews.


After confirming an appointment, the next step will be the diagnosis of the condition. The doctor should begin with a complete medical history and a discussion of symptoms. If the doctor believes carpal tunnel is the most likely condition, tests will begin.

  • X-rays and MRI’s can be administered to determine if the symptoms are arthritic related.
  • The Tinel’s test can be performed. The Tinel’s test is formed by gently tapping the median nerve in the wrist area. The tap should produce a tingling awareness in the finger regions.
  • A compression test can be used. The test involves bending the wrist in a downward movement. A tingling feeling may result after holding the thumb near the forearm.

Depending on the severity of the case, other tests can be ordered. A proper diagnosis is essential for treatment options.

Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatments

If the symptoms are not severe, surgery may be avoided or temporarily delayed. The non-surgical options are usually part of the treatment program.

  • Over the counter and prescribed medications may be administered.
  • A wrist splint may be prescribed to wear at night. The splint will help in keeping the wrist straight.
  • Cortisone or other steroid injections may be administered to reduce the inflamed area.
  • Physical therapy exercises may be used to improve movement.

When non-surgical options cannot help, surgery will be the next step in the treatment process. Carpal tunnel surgery involves elevating pressure on the nerves by increasing the size of the tunnel, enabling the tendons to work properly.

Only a complete, accurate diagnosis can produce an optimal outcome for carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Howard Marans is the best doctor for carpal tunnel in Orange County. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.