Playing with Cats

Dogs, cats and even children manage to convert the most mundane household accessories into toys that can keep them occupied for hours together. Whether it is a cardboard box, a pillow or a bit of bubble wrap, their imagination coupled with a fondness for play ensures that they can make a game out of almost anything.

However, if you want to indulge your pet with cat toys online that are specially made to cater to their natural instincts, then there are a few options below:

Teasers: These toys are most often shaped as long, flexible poles (also referred to as fishing poles) with ribbons, feathers or a small mouse toy attached to the top. Long and bendable, you can hold one end of it and have your cat chase whatever is on the other end. Keep the target moving to sharpen your kitten’s predatory instincts. Your pet will love stalking, leaping through the air and pouncing on the target!

Toys with Catnip: Catnip is a type of mint and has an essential oil called nepetalactone. This can stimulate your cat neurologically and most cats love it! This is why most interactive toys have catnip as the ‘treat’ for the cat to ‘find.’ This is bound to persuade your pet to engage in a game. Catnip toys online are a simple find.

It must be remembered that not all cats react the same way to catnip, while it may result in a sudden spurt of energy in some, in others it may make them want to take a nap. Kittens may not develop any sensitivity toward it until they are 4-6 months old.

Scratchers for Cats: Scratching is normal, instinctive cat behaviour and it helps cats in many ways. Scratching their claws against a hard surface removes the outer layers of the claws, keeping them in good shape. They also do this to mark their territory. While scratching, a certain scent is released which other cats can smell.To keep your doorposts and furniture safe, you can persuade your cat to use scratchers instead. A variety of scratchers from flat sheets to scratching posts and even better designed scratching post ‘trees’. These incorporate perches where your pet can curl up for a nap. You can easily buy cat scratching posts online.

Interactive cat toys: Cat toys that are designed as puzzles help to mentally stimulate and engage your pet. Cats are highly intelligent creatures and need their minds to be kept active in addition to physical exercise. Puzzle toys keep your pet engaged and occupied while you take care of work close by.

What should you pet not play with?

Your playful cat is perfectly capable of turning anything he or she finds at home into a toy. From shoes and socks to tissues, wires, aluminium foil, tinsel and so on. However, most household items are just dangerous for your pet. Eating or swallowing any part of these generally result in digestive problems that will need you to consult a vet.Cats can easily get entangled in tinsel and wires. When they can’t get out, they panic and harm themselves. Biting into wires has its own consequences. They could easily receive a shock that could be lethal. Before you bring a fluffy fur ball home, remember to ‘cat-proof’ your home. Keep as many harmful things as possible hidden from your pet.