It’s big. It’s fast. It’s mind-boggling. It’s commerce – a world filled with complexity and chaos. A world also filled with growth and great opportunity. Get it right, you win. Get it wrong, you lose. To succeed, you need precision and accuracy – the skills of a craftsman, and the proven skills of Pitney Bowes. We’ve helped 1.5 million small businesses, and over 90% of the Fortune 500 across the physical and digital landscape. As craftsmen we make messages personal. We use data to find the best place to build your business. We make shipping simple, and we get statements and invoices to the right person at the right place and time. We’re 15,000 men and women creating, shaping, sharpening, and refining. That’s what craftsmen do, and that’s what the world of commerce needs. Pitney Bowes – the craftsmen of commerce.

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