Tips: How to write a good essay.

What is a good paper - tips:

  • It is necessary to write short and clear.
  • You are expected to display abilities to build and prove your position on certain problems based on acquired knowledge and independent thinking.
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  • The quality of any essay (essay) depends on three components: the source material (notes from reading literature, lectures, recording the results of discussions, your own thoughts and accumulated experience on this problem), the quality of its processing (organization, argumentation and arguments), argumentation (how accurate it relates to the issues raised in your essay).
  • On the topic, you should first read 2-3 key articles or chapters from books that provide a conceptual framework or theoretical argumentation, provide empirical data, review and evaluate the literature on this topic.
  • The structure of the written work, as a rule, consists of such components as the introduction (the essence and justification of the choice of the chosen topic), the main part (the reasoned disclosure of the topic on the basis of the collected material), the conclusion (generalizations and conclusions).
  • In the introduction it is very useful to give brief definitions of key terms.
  • However, try to minimize the number of definitions (say 3-4).
  • When filling the main part with content, limit yourself to a single main idea within a paragraph.
  • When quoting, always quote the text and give an exact link to the source (including the page number), otherwise the text will be considered plagiarism.
  • In conclusion, it is worth giving an indication of the application of your research, not excluding the relationship with other problems.